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Added: Nov 14, 2017
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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Sober-reflection……..The past few days has been on and off-s-x, to an extent that I do even had s-x two to three hot s-x in a day. Am I curse or something? Why do I love s-x so much? Am always on it, either this girl is enticing me or the other one is hooking up but what can I do when my libido always controls me? I used to hate s-x before until a young lady I refer to as aunty forcefully had s-x with me when I was 11years, she disvirgined me and since then, I detest ladies and invariable hated s-x until I watched one movie……..-“THE SEXCAPADE”.
The movie changed my mindset, I decide am gonna go on a revenge, I will f–k until am satisfy, I don’t have time to waste, just to bleep bleep and bleep till I become the highest bleeper, I turned out to be the baddest f—-r, I f—-d as often as possible.
Back from sober-reflection. I set record rit, I bleeped both Chi and Amaka to stupor, they both were exhausted, I was just imagining the kind of strength I exhibited, what if it just a single lady, six-perfect rounds!! Hmmm we finished with the stuff, and I dressed up ate enough food, they were just watching me from bed, they have not gotten up from bed both of them exhausted. I finished, hugged and peck them as I left for home.

As I was going home by 8pm, closer to my house I met somebody(a lady), very black(ebony) in complexion. She was going in my direction, so we decided to chat……”Hello bae, how ar u doing”? I asked. “Hey am good and you”? She asked. “Am good, can I meet you”? “Yea, am Bola, and you”? “Am Peteru, where do you stay”? “I stay along Kasuwa biu road” the place is adjecent ma house. “Can I at least have your contact? And what do u do for a living”? “No problem my number is *********** and am a trader in Kaswa Biu, I sell provisions”. “It nice meeting you bae, we will see by 2mao this is where I stay and you are free to come any moment” I told her as I got to my house.

This girl is stupidly curved, her curvecious figure 8 shape can make anybody say No to heaven. Her ebony skin can even glow in the night, she is so much endowed, f—–g her jigi will be a pleasure that will last eternally, riding her will make me feel as a King, this girl’s a-s can even pusue mammy water. I don’t even believe there is any mammy water than this girl? She is perfectly endowed, she has everything a guy needed, and I must get it by fire by force, it has become my priority to take her and make her one of them.

Wait she is selling food-stuff, it means am gonna eat as much as I want now on because my new beb to catch, I will work hard to get her, my c–k must pierce through her kiti-cat…….work begins…

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