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Added: Dec 05, 2017
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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 49
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As we were firing and f—–g-nacking I c-m on her and she shouted OMG!!! Then I realized my nigga, no condom on ooo!! My mind jolted immediately, I got demoralized instantly, was it not few hours ago I almost fainted because of Jenny even when she was not pregnant? I was thinking, why is pregnancy even my major concern? What of STIs?
Even she herself was no more in the mood, I told her the tension was too much that was why we both forgot, whe got my point but we couldn’t continue ago. I told her to take Postinor 2 or Menstrogen to prevent any thing and she accepted. We finished, she got dressed up and left for her house.

As I arranged my room at about 10pm whe I was about to sleep a knock came on my door. I was wondering, who could this be? At this time of the night or is it Rose that came back? I opened the door and lo and behold stood Bola! I didn’t ask her any question, why she came or what she was doing, on a very good day, my c–k would have risen but this very night it was as flacide as possible, one reason was the grave mistake I just did few moments ago and the second reason being that Bola is an FK. I went straight to bed as she entered, I was thinking she will just do whatever she came for and leave but I was wrong, she came in bolt the door and came to bed. Imagine ooo, I never marry woman but she already had the audacity to come in and sleep any time? I ignored her, she stood up, removed her shirt leaving her bra and a took my wrapper and tied, nawa ooo, Peter don jam girl sha, I thought.

The fact was that, my intention of f—–g that night wasn’t so I will use the opportunity to do her what she did to me in her house. As if she read my mind she moved close to me and asked….”Bae, what happen to you na, you are not happy? Or am I not welcome to your house”? I just looked at her and ignored she spoke out again. “Baby please talk to me”. “Bola please just sleep am not just in the mood to talk, I will tell you tomorrow”. I replied.

She frown and spoke out again. “You didn’t even ask me what am doing in your room”? “Yea because, you can never ask me too if I come to use, mine is yours and yours is mine”. She laughed and kissed me, the first kiss wasn’t deep so I ignored.

She came to my side with her hands across my chest because I was sleeping facing up, she asked, “can we make love to night”?
Normally Nextangel would have thanks his stars for such a request but this night before I could think my lips had found. Word “No”………..

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