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Added: Dec 05, 2017
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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 50
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“Make love to me please”. Bola said again. “I’ve told you No before, I can’t do it, am just not in the mood, when I need it you refused, maybe next time please, but as for today am not just in the mood”. I said, I couldn’t even believe am saying all this! Was it the Peter that love punani pass any thing else that is rejecting it now? Am I insane? I kept asking myself several questions, but my past experience with her and that of few hours ago has affected me seriously, it has traumatized me, my concentration wasn’t there at all, my body could not even move let alone my c–k. I was just not normal that night.

Bola did all she could I turned her down, she pestered me and I turned it to quarrel, she begged me and we slept I could not even face her let alone touch her, I knew inwardly she will be surprise, she will be embarrass too but I don’t give a f–k, she did it to me and I’ve don it to her too. We slept like enemies till dawn.

At dawn I woke her up and I told her “Bola, am sorry about what happened last night, it wasn’t my intention but I just wanna put something straight to you, you thought it is only s-x I want from you, now you can see that I can even sleep in the same bed with you and not even face you till dawn and nothing will happen, some times ladies judge guys wrongly, am not bad as you think”. “Please Peter, am sorry too, I misjudged you, now I believed you, though I was h—y yesterday but you have proven me wrong, just know that as from today when ever you wanna have me, you can and I won’t question you. I love you so much”. “Me too baby”. I replied and we shared few kisses, I don’t wanna go deep with her so we just kiss a bit and I told her I want to brush up for school, she accept and left for her house.

As Bola left, I was just smiling to myself, at least I have won her trust now, it’s her p—y that is left but all through that morning, my thought was on previous night experience, especially that of Rose. I woke up, brushed my teeth, took my bath and left for school. On my way a call came in, I checked the caller ID and it was ………

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