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Added: Dec 05, 2017
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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 55
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“Peter can you keep a secret”? Ms Jacobs asked me but I don’t know why that question but I need to give an answer. “If you want to keep something that even you yourself can not hear it anywhere or see it, keep it with me, you will only find it when you dig up my grave”. “Hahahahaha, I never knew you are this humorous! So have you ever kiss a lady before”? See me see question ooo, what does she mean? I resemble JJC 4 her face, I bet she go scream if we try am!! “Yes a couple of times and it was cool” I added that one to forestall any further questions like “how does it feel or How was it”.

She smiled, held my hands to her back and used them to rub it, I smiled in my mind, with my c–k still stand. Well, I have taking few adventure before, some favorable others not so good, but which ever, I have learned my lessons and I might learn from this also. I grab her collar-bone massage it, she was as much shock as the s£nsat!on she received. “Ouch”!! I heard her voice I loved inward, I kept doing it as she freed herself in pleasure for, right from her back, I kissed her neck while my hands found their ways to her respective b0s0m, I caress and smooch them from behind as she was m0an!ng. I used one hand to remove my belt but the stupid thing wouldn’t remove, this kind of a thing can be so annoying, I used both hands sharp to removed it while still kissing her ear-lobs, neck, cheek still I haven’t kiss her lips.

I removed my trouser, as she face me, stood up and before I knew it, we locked mouth, it was an intense kiss, as we kiss each other as if we have been hunting for each other’s lips for long. She removed my shirt to see my hairy chest and she started caress and rubbing it, I bet I was getting the s£nsat!on too, I don give them girls expos, that is one of my “erogenous” spots. I took my hand under her laps as I finger f—-d her, she was standing and m0an!ng, her hands were on top of my head as I do justice to her kiti-cat, as I finger her deep, side, up and front, she was m0an!ng, her legs became feasible, she was shaking, she asked me to take her to the bed and I did.

We got to the bed and she sat at the edge and asked me to stand as she gave me head-on, she did a very beautiful oral for 20minutes. After that, I lay her down as I took my tongue in, I lick-s—-d her veejay, she was screaming and m0an!ng begging me to f–k her. I ignored her and kept giving her head too before I knew what was happening she c-m all over me, thank it didn’t enter my mouth, but sincerely some entered.

After she c-m, she was just staring at me, I thought she has changed her mind and will drive me back, hope not say, so long as she just enjoyed it, I held her lips begin kissing again as she respond, my c–k was as hard as a rock now, I lay her down, use d mouth of my c–k to wet the mouth of the Veejay, I insert slowly, gradually and deeply, she was m0an!ng and calling me all sort of rubbish, before I knew it, we both c-m. We relast after a bit, and we started again, we did the second round and she black-out, initially I was scared but she held my hand and I heard ……….”I Love you Peter”………….

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