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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 72
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We finished preparing food, we started eating. As we finished the food, we sat down gisting for a while. Before I knew it, Tommy told me to use his room that he will use his neighbors’, but I declined that I rather use the other one so that they use this because it seems this guys have a plan. Why I said that? One he brought in two strange girls whom I have never meet to bang. Two, the way the other (Juliet) was talking to me, it seems she has her own plan. THree, non of us or let me say me don’t even know where they work!

Tommy accepted and I went to the next door after his, because the owner seems to be out, mumu me, punani the make me reason irrational! Thank God say I don change. As we enter, I surveyed the room, it was neatly kept and well furnished, I sat at the chair why she removed some of her clothes. She came to me and sat on my laps. “It seems you are thinking of something else? Or you don’t like me”? Juliet asked. “Not at all”. I replied absent minded. “Since you came you have been moody why”? “It’s a personal issue jawe, seriously it has nothing to do with you”. “Ok oo”. She said.

Juliet sat on my laps as she rubbed my chest and down to my navel, my body started to react. This girl’s hand was magical, that even add more fears to me. I stood up with her as we headed to the bed, she removed my jeans and shirt leaving me with only boxer. I removed her tight undies leaving her with her G-string pant and bra. We started intense kissing and before I knew it both of us were standing Unclad. I forgot to carry condoms, I told her I can’t do it if I don’t have a condom, as if she knew it, she brought out a condom, that was when my whole fear grew.

We start doing the foul play until my c–k was very hard, she inserted the condom on my c–k as I sprayed her legs in a missionary style and inserted my c–k inside her she shriek and close her legs, before she does that I noticed that my c–k could not feel the warm or fill her honey-pot well, guys should know what that means na. As I brought my d–k out to t—-t again……………

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