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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 74
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We got home,(my hostel) and miss Jacobs bought food for me. With Solomon, Tommy and miss Jacobs second standing sitting there. I heard a knock on the door, we asked the person to come in and Vivian and Doshima came in. “Good evening everyone, ah Corper, welcome!”. Vivian said, seeing that corper here means I have many questions to answer but I already calculated it in my head what to say.

After staying for a while, the corper and her friends excused us to leave I said ok, and they left with a promise to check me in the evening. They left not long when Tommy and Solomon left too, with Tommy signaling to me that he will tell me later, I node and they left. Doo and Viv stayed for a while before they left having asked me what happened and I told them it was fever and typhoid.

As they all left me, I began to ponder upon the life I have lived so far, my adventure with girls was already turning to something else. I f–k 2-3 times daily, too bad, but what did that girl Juliet do to me? I slept off and woke around 7pm with Jenny sitting beside me, I love Jenny so much, she is such a good girl wish I can just date only her and forget about all other girls. As I woke up, she kissed me lightly and said “welcome back my love” I smiled and told her to sit down. She brought out a food flask which was full with delicious meal and gave it to me, we ate it together, she stayed for a while before she left by 9pm.

Tommy then came and started laughing around 9:20pm with Solomon, I asked them what happen? And they kept on laughing telling me that “shey u sabi f–k abi”?………

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