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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 77
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We keep seeing each other in school (me and Ego) the new girlfriend I met, though she has been asking or even forcing me to come to her house but I didn’t. She followed me to my hostel once but we just eat chat and she left. A week past I didn’t have s-x, or even kiss anybody. It was week-end and practical exams has ended and we were preparing for the main exams.

I was at home reading when Ego’s call came in, asking me to come to her hostel and help her with some ‘stuff’ being a week-end I decided to go, I got a packet of condom that has 4pcs inside and headed to her house. I saw miss Jacobs door open but didn’t know whether she was inside or not and that was my greatest mistake. I entered Ego’s room not knowing that I have been seen by miss Jacobs. When I got into Ego’s room, she didn’t say anything she was tying only a towel, she told had it been she didn’t say I should come and help her I wouldn’t come I frown though not from my mind.

Ego brought out a food, she sat opposite me that we should eat, as she sat down there with her legs wide open, I can clearly see her well shaved kitti-cat with a reddish mouth calling for me. I was shocked the first time I saw it, I pretended, see s£duct!on sha! My c–k was about to rise and I told her to sit proper she just shouted “OMG!! Hope you didn’t see anything sha”? “If I didn’t see will I asked you to sit proper”? “Ah so you have seen my property? So tell me do you love it? Don’t wanna taste it”? All this her words was just making my c–k to vex and alas she found out that my c–k has rising.

“Lolz, oga ur tin don rise ooo, why u wan punish am na? Come and have a feel”.
Ego stood up and loosed her towel and there she was, starkly Unclad from head to toe, her b0s0m was curvy as her hips, she has a gorgeous body. I was about to say something, wasn’t even really sure of what I wanted to say when she came to me covered my lips with hers and we got into an intense kissing and before we knew it we were in the bed together Unclad. I brought out the condom, gave her to insert it on me and she did as I inserted my c–k into her, I was f—–g her out of her, she was m0an!ng loudly that I even forgot that miss Jacobs house was opposite hers.

As we keep banging, going for a 3rd round, the door opened and…………………

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