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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 79
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Immediately I finished dressing up to go to school, I saw Jenny and we decided to follow to school. On our way we came across Thomas and another babe, who he introduced as his girlfriend, I asked him codedly about Juliet’s phone number, he gave it to me after laughing at me for more than 10 minutes, each time I remembered the lady, my mind is always bitter and I must teach her a lesson.

We got to school and as I was entering my class it was miss Jacobs I saw in the class, our exams was to start by 9am, and the time was pass 8am, I went straight to her but she told me that she can only talk to me after exams, and that it must be her house and must be that day. Ah!! See conditions sha, shey na which p—y she want to use do me guy? The one way I don straff abi another one again? Well I will go and see what will happen. All this while I never knew Ego was looking at us, na wa ooo, everybody the spy on Peter dis days for school ooo.

I decided to give the *OSHO* that I met (Juliet) a surprise call, she picked immediately and shouted “oh Peter how are you doing”? I was surprised as to how comes she knew I was the one. I asked her “do you know who is speaking”? She laughed and said “of course I do, Peter, Thomas’ friend”. “How do you know”? “Because I have your number” “so you have my number and you can’t call to ask about my health? Why do you guys planned such a thing and didn’t even tell me? You guys knew I was not fit yet you guys planned such a thing”? I sparked and she started apologizing and I told her I wanna see her, she accepted and fixed a day.

Now I need to get ready to show the lady some magic I have gotten that she never knew, I will teach her some lessons, she can’t escape this time around. As I finished making the call, they called us in and the next person beside me was no other person than Ego. “So you and Miss corper know each other”? Ego asked. “Yup, but not that very well”. “But you didn’t tell me that yesterday na”? “Yes I didn’t because I was confused, how ever not as if I know her that much, why I was confused was that she just batched in without knocking”. “Seems she likes you”? “Hmmm, yes she said so”. “So what will you do”? “I don’t know yet”. She want to continue with the questions, so I decided to stop her, we went and sat down on our respective seats. Answer booklet was shared and the questions papers……………

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