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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 81
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As she hung up, all what I read that day escaped my brain, thank God it ain’t a very difficult subject, it is CRS and I do study my ‘BIBLE’ abi no be all about ‘The Prodigal son’, ‘Jesus turned Water To Wine’, ‘The LovePeddler woman who was caught’, ‘creation of the world’ n ‘All about Abraham’? I can’t forget all this because even the devil knows the scripture.
I was just musing on what to do with the lady when she comes, I was also begging God to forgive me of what I will do to her, I was lost in my own fantasy that I didn’t know that someone has knocked on my door but since I didn’t answer, the person entered and was staring at me. I looked toward the door side accidentally and I saw Jenny standing with her hands folded over her b—-t she was just staring at me, maybe probably thinking of what was making me happy or smiling.

“What’s up Jenny”? I finally found my voice. “What are you thinking to your self and smiling”? She asked. “Don’t mind me jawe, was just musing at something funny”. I replied. [b] “That you didn’t even hear me knocking or when I came in”? “If I did, won’t I answer? I didn’t hear that is why I didn’t answer you”. “Na you know ooo”. “How was your night”? I asked after she has sat down. “Wasn’t bad, can you please take your bath so that we go to school”? I rushed to the bathroom, took my bath came back to cream my body, on getting into the room, I saw Jenny Moody, I asked her what happen, and she told me that she found a condom in my pocket, that it wasn’t complete which means to her that I have used some already. It took me more than my brain to convinced(confused) her that I wasn’t cheating on her.
I dressed up and we headed to school, we got to school, and we joined Dooshima and Vivian with Lois and Lucy in their discussion, I was there when Blessing (nurse) call came in. I rejected the call not knowing what she want to tell me, I never knew the ladies understood what I did, they started asking me why I didn’t pick and I told them I have the right to pick anybody’s call when I wish to, saying this, they all kept quiet.

I was in their (my chicks) chatting and laughing when Miss Jacobs, came around, as she got to our side, they all greeted her I too join them in greeting her in other to avoid any foul suspicion, she answered us and went into the hall. About 10minutes to the starting, all the students were inside, but we were still outside, Ego then came out and join us, not up to 5minutes we went inside, as answer booklets was distributed to us. We started the exams barely 20minutes when my phone rang, I was shocked, I never knew it wasn’t on silent, the ill-luck was that, it was corper Jacobs who was also among the supervisors that was around my side that moment. The phone got people around me attention, she(miss Jacobs) requested the phone which I gave it to her without questioning………

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