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My Escapades In The North - Season 1 - Episode 2
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I was trying to wonder what might have caused that.

**Abi na virgin she be ni???**

I didn’t dwell too much on the thought. I worked my way from her neck to her boobs, removing her top. Jeez, this babe was making me hard as hell.

At this point my ‘mamba’ was almost finding it’s way out of my jean. She began stroking me through my jean and she knew she was driving me crazy. I kissed and s----d on each of her ni*pple, taking turns while pinching the other.

I love to sU-Ck and bite on ni*pples, and judging by her m0ans and jerking movements so was she. I kept working on her, kissing then licking, sU-Cking on her boobs, nibbling a little to taste her sweetness.

I felt her unzip me while I was losing myself and burying my face in her cleavage. Before I knew what was happening, she got off me, yanked down my jean and shorts and freed my mamba. ‘Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that’, she yelled. ‘Too big? Hope you’ll be able to handle it?’ ‘Of course I should.’

In a swift move, she put one of my balls in her mouth. She then switched to the next one. She used her tongue to move them all around; her lips completely enveloped my entire sack, up to the root of my mamba. She then began stroking my mamba with her hands.

Jeez, this feeling was incredible. I was incapable of saying anything else. She finally put her lips around the whole head of my mamba and started to gently sU-Ck me.

For several minutes she swirled her tongue wildly around the underside the head of my mamba, driving me mad with desire. Her pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down my mamba and she made loud slurping and sU-Cking sounds with her mouth.

My mamba was rock hard and throbbing; and I was on the verge of cu*mming. I could feel it very close. ‘Ohhhh, fuvvvvk!!! Jeez!!!’ Spurt after spurt of hot c-m shot up her boobs.
She was able to trap most of it with her boobs, but it began dripping on the bed. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up herself.

As she came back, she came up to the bed and began kissing me. My mamba was called to action once again and it began responding. I tried unbuttoning her bumshorts, but she stopped me again and told me she was on her period.


Immediately, we heard a knock on the door. ‘Shiiit, it’s like my roomate is back’, she said. ‘Jeez, you have a roommate???’ I quickly wore up my shorts and jean and ‘arranged’ myself.

She went to open the door for her roommate and she introduced us ‘Dioxidane, meet my roommate Sonia. Sonia, Dioxidane’. ‘Nice meeting you’, I said. ‘Same here’, she replied with a frown on her face.

**Mtcheww, wetin consine me and you???**

I wasn’t happy she obstructed the mission, but either ways it wouldn’t have gone down that day. She walked me to take a bike, and as I was going, for my mind I don get corper babe be that o…

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

For some days I didn’t see Chisom. She called and told me she and her boss went for a conference in Abuja.

I was in the lab going through some journals when I saw someone walk through the door. It was Zainab. She was putting on an ankara skirt and blouse and a scarf covering her shoulder. Her skirt was almost touching the ground.

In my mind, ‘this hausa babes can fall hand with their dressing sha’…

Good morning sir…

Good morning… How was your night?

It was fine sir…

Wait, how do you say ‘how was your night in Hausa’, because I’m trying to learn the language o…

She: **laughs** You say ‘antashi lafia’…

**i try saying it after her** antashi lafia… Hmm, at least I’ve learnt one today. So, antashi lafia?

She: **laughs** Lafia lau…

Me: **smiles** So what’s happening? You have issues?

She: No it’s not really me. It’s my younger brother. He is preparing for WAEC and JAMB and my mum asked me to look for a home tutor for him…

Me: Hmmm, that’s good…

She: I don’t know if you would be chanced to help him…

Me: **i no kukuma get anything to do for evening** That would be when he comes back from school, right?

She: Yes sir…

Okay, there’s no problem…

I don’t know if you would be chanced to come and see my mum today so that you would discuss it with her…

Me: Don’t worry I’ll be chanced. Lemme have your address…

She: Just let me have your number, when you are ready to come, we would send the driver to pick you…

Me: Hmm… Ok…

I gave her my number and she collected mine.
But hausa girls shy sha… I noticed Zainab was not too free with me and she stayed a distance from me. But the girl too fine. I watched her leave the lab.


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