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My Sexiography
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I turned to Queen.

“So you’ve been in this town since on the 15th and you didn’t bother to get my phone number from my mum to call me abi?” I asked with a fake indignant look on my face.

“I wanted to surprise you nau…that’s why I didn’t call” she said in defence. My mum left us to attend to a customer. I pulled Queen outside the restaurant to continue our catching up. Becky called me almost immediately and Queen forcefully collected the phone from me before I could answer the call.

“Who is Becky?” She asked looking at the screen.

“A friend of mine. She is from our town”

She asked, obviously not swallowing my bull poo. She handed the phone over to me and I answered Becky’s call.

Naturally, I would have said ‘hello baby’ when i picked the call, instead I simply said ‘hello’.

“Baby, what’s wrong, are you there with someone?” Becky asked.

“Yes, how is Lagos?” I asked quickly.

“Fine, its like you’ve gotten home abi”

“Yes…I was just about calling you to tell you sef”

“Feyi called me….”
My mind started beating, I was worried Feyi must have reported what went on between her twin and I while we were inside the bus.

“…she told me you guys just arrived, hope the journey wasn’t too stress full?” She asked.

I breathed a sigh of relief before replying her.

“Not at all…can I call you back later? Mumsy is calling me.”

“Okay, I love you”

I quickly ended the call as I couldn’t tell her I love her in return due to Queen’s prescence. I imagined how complicated things would get when Becky eventually comes home on the 23rd.
Queen stayed with me till in the evening. I had so far stopped myself moving on her romantically except for the kiss she gave me when I walked in. Shade called me and told me to meet her at a bar uptown. Queen won’t let me go alone, she insisted on going with me. We located the bar and went in. Shade was already battling a plate of goat meat pepper soup with a bottle of malt in front of her when we came in. Her countenance changed to a deadly frown immediately she set eyes on Queen. Queen’s face was as deadly looking too.

The tension in the bar between the two girls was quite sizzling. The resentment between the two girls was quite palpable. This wasn’t jealousy I thought. These girls must have a stormy past.
Notwithstanding, I did the introductions. I order for pepper soup for both Queen and I. No word was spoken between the two girls till we decided we’ve had enough of the pepper soup.
Shade pulled me aside when we were Outside the bar,

“My sister said I should tell you to come over to our house tomorrow so that you guys can conclude plans for the debate and quiz competition”
she said and made to walk off, but I pulled her back.

“What’s going on between you and Queen, you girls know each other from somewhere?” I asked.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask her…” She replied and pulled off her hand from mine. Then she walked off, not looking back.

I went back to Queen and we strolled down to her family house.

“Baby, what is going on betweeen you too, why were you so cold to her?”

“Nothing dear, I just don’t like her, that’s all.”

That was all I got from her. She kissed me on the lips before we parted. I promised to come check on her family the next day.

Later that night, I called Becky. She wasn’t happy with the way I abruptly ended the call earlier. I apologised. I called Shade next. We flowed well till I eventually got round to asking her what’s her beef with Shade. After much probing, she opened up to me. According to her, Queen fought her over a guy when they were in SS3. They attended the same secondary school.
According to Shade claims, the guy was her boyfriend and was in love with her, Queen knowing that still went ahead to s£duce the guy and had S£x with him. I couldn’t believe the Queen I knew could do such a thing. No wonder the tension in the bar was high, I thought. As it is now, the two of them would probably be fighting over another guy again, which is me. It seemed like it was their fate to fight over a guy, too bad they still have Becky to contend with when she eventually comes home. I myself didn’t even know at that point that not only would they have Becky to contend with but with Sandra as well.(the Sec-Gen of my union.)

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