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As I moved my mouth past her navel and my tongue traced the top of her pucci region, I spread Shade’s legs out with my hands, her knees pointed out to either side. I lowered my face to her pelvis, and my tongue licked over her pucci lips. ”Oooohhhh. Mmmmmmm.”

I licked the length of her slit from back to front, then over and over again. As I did, I la!d my fingers against the lips of her pucci and slowly spread her open, then pressed my mouth against her gaping pucci and drove my tongue into her.

“Aaaahhh, yesss! goood!” I tongue-fvcked Shade for several seconds as she m0aned, then slid my mouth up, flicking my tongue over her cl!t, and slipped first one, then a second, finger into her pucci. My fingers became slippery as they moved in and out of her, and Shade was gasping as my tongue rolled around her cl!t.


Shade’s breath was short and ragged as I licked and fingered her. Her pelvis was humping against me as her back arched up off the couch. I knew she was getting close, so I intensified my attack, taking her cl!t between my lips and sU-Cking on it.

“Oh, gawd, going to…Oh, Bleep…cummin!” Shade’s shoulders jerked up off the couch; her back arched; I could feel the muscles of her pucci clamp around my fingers and then go into spasms. “Aaaahhhh…Aaaahhhh…Aaaaiiiieeee!” Shade’s body shook with her orgasm, then she collapsed back onto the couch panting.

My J0yst!ck was long since hard as rock again, and I moved up and lay on top of Shade, guiding my J0yst!ck to the lips of her pucci. I slid into her with one thrust and began pumping her hard.
The couch was limiting my movement so I pulled her down to the floor, my J0yst!ck still in her.

“Oh my gawd…Oh my gawd” Shade m0aned several times. Her pucci and cl!t were still so tender that she began to Pour again within seconds, her body vibrating again, as she cried out, “Fvck me! Fvck me!” Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her legs around my hips, pulling me tightly against her as she came again.

When Shade relaxed after this orgasm, I eased up, and began to fvck her with long, slow strokes, pulling back until just the head of my J0yst!ck was in her, then pushing gently all the way back in until my pelvis rubbed against her cl!t. I wanted to give her time to recuperate a little. Her breathing slowed down in time with my thrusts.
After some time, she began humping her pelvis back at me in time with my movements. That was all I needed to start pumping faster again. I was beginning to feel the stirrings in my balls that meant an explosion wasn’t far off. Shade’s breathing was shallow and ragged again, and she suddenly gasped out,
“gawd!!! I’m going to Pour again!” I was hammering her pucci as hard and fast as I could now.

“Aaaahhh! Uuuuhhhh!” Then Shade gave a strangled cry. Her fingers dug into my back, her legs locked around my waist. Her entire body convulsed, and I felt her pucci sq££ze my J0yst!ck. That was all I needed. With a grunt I slammed all the way into her and my balls started pumping my Pour inside her. As I came, Shade’s body suddenly stiffened, becoming almost rigid, then she slumped back onto the floor.

My J0yst!ck still in her pucci, I turned her over. We simply lay there on the floor for several minutes, neither of us really in any condition to move. We both slept off in that state. Our short nap was cut short when Shade’s phone started ringing. Feyi was at the gate and wanted Shade to come open it. We both quickly got dressed after which Shade went to the gate to let her twin in.

Immediately Feyi entered the sitting room, she suspected something has been going on.

“What are you doing here Sammy?” She asked in a suspicious voice.

“I came to check on you girls”

“Then why didn’t you call me to tell me you’re coming over?”
She asked, her eyes moving round the sitting room. I wondered what she was looking for.

“I trie…..” Feyi cut me off before I could finish replying her.

“Ha! You guys were having S£x! Don’t even bother denying it! The two of you were having S£x!” Feyi shouted.

“Shut up! We weren’t!” Shade shouted back at her twin.

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