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My Sexiography
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“Then explain what your [email protected] are doing on the couch!” Feyi screamed back.

Shade eyes and mine automatically looked toward the couch, the incriminating evidence was right there on the couch. I began hoping that Shade would be able to come up with a very good explanation, but alas….she didn’t say anything.

“Oya deny nau! Shameless girl!!! You wait for Becky to come nau.” Feyi screamed at her sister. The drama was getting too hot for me, so I quickly excused my self and headed home.

I ran into Sandra at a football field close to my mum’s house. She was watching some guys playing football. She spotted me and called out to me. I wondered who knew me in the field until I located the source of the voice.

“When did you arrive home?” Sandra asked me after we had exchanged pleasantries.

“Yesterday, what about you?
“Three days ago”

“That reminds me. I want to invite you to my dad’s launching of his new Hotel tomorrow evening. Please say you will come”
She said with a pleading look on her face.

“Okay…where is the hotel at?” I asked.

“Just tell any bike man to take you to boji boji hotel, they will take you straight there. Call me when you’re around.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

She went back to the field to meet her friends while I strolled home thinking about what just happened. I knew my relationship with Becky would end if Feyi reported what happened to her, I was beginning to develop feelings for her and now this.

I ran into Omiyom, my long time fvckmate, before I could step into my mum’s restaurant. She was pulling a child in one hand while backing a smaller one on her back.

“My run away husband!!!!” She screamed out when she saw me.

No be only runaway husband, I thought. I quickly discharged her as she was drawing undue attention to me and I badly wanted to be alone.

“I’m coming to greet you later oo…hope you brought bread?”

“Yes, I’ll be expecting you”
I said and quickly entered mumsy restaurant before another old flame comes along.

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