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Eventually, we separated once more. As she moved
to sit up, I moved my body away from hers, silently
debating whether I should try for more, or not push
my luck. She made the decision for me. As I sat
cross legged on the bed, she crept towards me.

Taking my hands in hers, she guided them to her
waist, to the bottom of her shirt. Taking the hint, I
slowly raised it up, over her head, exposing her
tubular trunk in naught but that black and pink bra.
She looked stunning. Her 36C breasts seemed to
be straining to escape their material prison, but
Cindy had other plans.

Shifting her feet towards me and leaning back on
her hands, she moved to sit on my crossed legs.
As she came closer, I placed my hands behind her
waist to support her butt0ckz. I’d never really
noticed before, but her bum was truly magnificent.
When she was standing, dressed in her usual skinny
jeans, it seemed fairly small, though perfectly round
and marvelously sculpted. Now, however, with her
body horizontal, and without the confines of those
tight jeans, it had been unleashed. Even through the
loose pyjama trousers, I could tell her cheeks were
far bigger than I first expected. Yet as I placed a
hand to cup each side, they did not seem to lose
any of their perfect shape. Soft and malleable, yes,
but they did not suffer from the greatest of flaws,
when it comes to a girl’s butt0ckz; it was not
flabby, but remained taut and springy.

As she finished moving, and sat atop my crossed
legs with her own extending behind me, she reached

up, and I pulled her gently upright into an embrace.
She let out a sigh from the effort of such an
awkward movement, and held me tighter. Suddenly,
she reached down, and pulled my own shirt off in a
flash. I let my hands wonder around her smooth
back, feeling every subtle lump and bump of bone,
from her shoulder blades and hips to her ribs and
spine, and she did the same to me. Meanwhile, she
lifted my head up to kiss me, running her own
hands across my chest. We began to sway,
rhythmically, back and forth. My hands moved their
attention to her thighs, and to what could be
reached of that marvelous butt0ckz, as she returned
hers to caress my neck, and comb through my
thick, short hair.

We stayed like that for what felt like hours,
separating from our passionate kisses only to gasp
briefly for air, before once again moving my lips to
the soft, pink fullness of hers. At length, we broke
apart, as my legs were going numb from supporting
her weight for so long. She quickly withdrew, and I
panicked that it might all be over. Once again, I
needn’t have worried.

Cindy guided me down to the foot of the bed, with
my legs dangling off the edge. She quickly
removed my trousers, and pulled my boxer shorts
down just enough to reveal my now fully erect
J0yst!ck. I smiled in my mind as I knew what she
was about doing.

She wrapped her stunning lips around my shaft and
my oh my, It felt heavenly.
She sU-Cked my J0yst!ck like a lolipop with such a
speed that i was getting close to cummin, so I
started to think about other things, like washing
plates…. Funny, but effective. I rubbed her shoulders
in an effort to get her off my J0yst!ck. Eventually
she got the hint and rolled off me. I did not want to
Pour just yet.
Cindy grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her

“Time to return the favour, I guess” I said with a sly

“Hmmm…yea” she replied shyly. “If you want to”
She stuck a finger in her mouth with a pouty grin
and then entered her [email protected] with her finger. She
withdrew the finger and beckoned me toward her
with it. The sight was damn hot and slutty.
I wasted no further time, I quickly robbed her of her

I kissed her cheeks, made my way to her neck, then
breasts. I licked each n!pple and sU-Cked on them
intently. She let out a little m0an and I flicked her
n!pples with my tongue. My tongue and lips made
their way down her belly to her pubic mound. I
breathed in the heady aroma of her excited
womanhood and I licked her trimmed bush and
tongued around her puccy.

She la!d back on the bed and parted her legs, as
she did, her glistening lips parted and I could see
her cl!t was erect already begging for me to kiss it
and tease it with my tongue. I made circles around
her cl!t with my tongue, gently probing the hood. I
licked the edges of her puccy and then gently
sU-Cked each lip slowly into my mouth as my nose
rubbed past her cl!toris.

I entered her puccy with my tongue and gently
tongue Forked her, in and out tasting her sweet
juices. I wet my finger and probed her puccy as my
lips and tongue began to sU-Ck gently then harder on
her erect joy buzzer.

I looked up at Cindy and noticed she had her head
back and was pinching her n!pples and her
breathing was getting very heavy. I found her G spot
with my fingers as I stroked it, sU-Cking on her cl!t
like a little J0yst!ck. She became wetter and then,
as my probing got faster and faster, she began to
Pour and wet my face with her pungent juices.

I gave her a few minutes to recover her breath after
which I pulled her on top of me and she straddled
my J0yst!ck, placing the head between her thighs
she sat down on it. She m0aned a big sigh as my
J0yst!ck disappeared into her soaking wet puccy.
When it hit bottom she gave me a big smile and a
look of relief.

She began to bounce up and down on my shaft and
I could feel a small puddle form on my pubes from
her cummin again. Her tight puccy on my J0yst!ck
was getting me close to the point of no return, and
I she picked up on that quickly.

She cradled my cheeks and told me she did not
want me to Pour in her, she wanted to finish me off
in her mouth. I told her that that will be very soon
because of her hotness. She slid off and told me to
slide up on the bed and watch her as she finished
me off.

Slowly she slid her lips down my J0yst!ck, while
squeezing my balls with one hand and jacking the
shaft with the other. It did not take long until my
Pour filled her mouth. As it pulsed in her mouth she
withdrew my J0yst!ck, little by little until just the tip
was between her lips. When I was completely drain
she looked at me smiled and swallowed. She licked
her lips and crawled up to me, placing her head on
my shoulder, and kissing my neck. We embraced
for a while, basking in the afterglow of a great

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