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My Sexiography
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School soon closed up for the Christmas Holiday. I had intended spending the Christmas break in Benin, Becky and the Twins however made me changed plans. They promised my home town won’t be boring for me as long as they’re around.

Becky travelled to Lagos as soon as School closed down. She and her family would all come down to my home town befor the commencement of the carnival. The twins and I made arrangement to travel together. So we met at Ramat park, from there we took a vehicle to Igarra, our Local Government Headquarter. From there we took bikes straight to my home town.

I sat in between the twins in the bus we took from Benin. Shade’s hands were all over me. I noticed a look of disapproval on Feyi’s face, but Shade was oblivious of her sister’s disapproval as she kept touching me in a very intimate manner, she even slept off right on my shoulders.

We got to Igarra around 2pm and we all got down from the bus. The bikemen immediately besieged us, we finally settled for two of them after much price haggling. Feyi mounted the first bike and I mounted the second bike with the mindset that Shade will climbed in with her twin.
She instead mounted the second bike.

“What are you doing nau, I’ve created space for you” Feyi said to Shade in my native tongue.

“Don’t worry…I think I like this other bike, the seat looks comfy” she replied.

I knew she didn’t get on the bike I was on just because the seat was comfy that the other bike. She was out to get me with or without her sister’s approval. Feyi didn’t look happy, she told the first bike to kick off and we trailed along behind her.

Shade’s hand circled around my waist as soon as the bike started moving, her b0s0m were pressing hard against my back. She was probably wearing a foam less bra because I could feel her n!pples poking my back. Her hands suddenly moved from my waist to my J0yst!ck when the bike ran over a speed breaker. I felt her grabbed hold of my J0yst!ck for like a minute before she released it. It must have been my imagination though as what transpired, probably didn’t last for more than five seconds, which felt like a minute to me. My J0yst!ck responded immediately. It sprung out, pushing unto the butt0ckz of the bike man. The bike man must have felt the sudden feeling of my hard J0yst!ck pressing against his butt0ckz, because he almost swerved off from the road. He quickly got controlled of the bike.

The bike man turned around slightly and looked at me. I was so embarrassed, he probably thought I was a [email protected] or something. I counted one to twenty and willed my J0yst!ck to behave, Shade’s b0s0m on my back made it a very daunting task.

We finally got to my home town. We got to my house first, which was just along the main road. I was quite happy for the end of the torture Shade was putting me through. My younger siblings were outside (my mum had remarried over the years) and they both rushed out to meet me shouting ‘broda! broda!…broda!’ They collected my backpack from the bike man and I alighted from the bike.

I went inside my mum’s restaurant to greet her…an old familiar voice called out to me from one corner of the restaurant. It took almost 30 seconds for me to recognise the owner of the voice. It was Queen, my childhood sweetheart. I lost all communication with her ever since she went back to Lagos. I couldn’t believe she was right there in front of me. She however rushed toward me and hugged me tight to her self right in front of my mum and the several customers in the restaurant.

“Silly boy, I’m not a ghost if you think you’re seeing a ghost” she said giggling shamelessly. I was dumbstruck.

“Can a ghost do this?” She asked and placed a very sweet kiss on my lips. It took the intervention of my mum before Queen stopped kissing me. She pulled away when my mum mischievously coughed out loudly.

“Haba…you this girl, won’t you let my son greet his mother first before you start showing him how much you missed him” my mum said to the laughter of everybody inside the restaurant. I got so embarrassed for the second time that day.

“Mumsy, forget that one joor…you gave him to me already” she replied laughing without any shame. I wondered what sort of arrangement she had with my mum. I went over to my mum, greeted and hugged her. I really missed her, I felt bad for not coming home to see her for sometime now.

“Welcome my son” my mum said switching to our native tongue.

“Your wife has been home since on the 15th and she has been helping me out in the restaurant ever since I told her you will be coming home for Christmas” mumsy said, winking at Queen conspiratorially.

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