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my sweet kidnapper  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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The sound of chirping birds woke me up from a strained state. My body still felt heavy and I was too drowsy to move. I groaned in pain and touched my face. There was something rough on my cheek, and as I ran my fingers over my face, I realized it was a band aid. At that time, I remembered I was grazed from that fired gunshot.

I got up and scanned the room. It was elegant and carpeted. The wallpaper was dark red with golden engravings while the window had draped scarlet curtains. I immediately ran to the window for an escape, but it was with bars. There goes my escape plan.

I walked around; the bed I was lying on was a queen-sized bed. It had an elegant bed sheet and beside the bed was a mirror wardrobe, with a small alarm clock that flashed nine fifty AM. On the opposite side was a bathroom. I went in, and to my surprise, it was clean. The bath tub shined white, with barely any marks. There was a mirror that had washed out marks, it was recently cleaned.

I walked out, in the middle of the room was a small coffee table with a vase of roses.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and I got into a fighting stance; it was either that jerk Nathan, or Daniel who flipped me to my doom, apparently. The door opened all the way and I headed for a kick for the head.

“GAH!” shouted the boy and ducked down with a tray of food. A cup of chocolate milk spilled onto his green collar shirt. His blond hair was a give away: it was Cole.

“H-H-Hold it!” he stuttered, but I still stayed in fighting mode. “I’m just here to give you some food! I won’t hurt you like what Nathan and Daniel did. Hah, I’m the nice one,” he bragged. Judging from his appearance, he looked like he couldn’t do much. He handed me a the tray he was holding. It had a plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My favourite.

“T-Thanks,” I said, at least he made me something to eat even after I kneed him in the stomach.

“No problem.” He smiled. “I thought you might be hungry, but sorry about the chocolate milk. If I had known that you attack when people come in through the door, I would have put it in a water bottle.” He looked at his now, new stained shirt and started to head for the door.

“Wait!” I grabbed his hand. Great, welcome back to awkwardness. “Um… I’m sorry for hitting you earlier,” I said. He turned and faced me and flicked my forehead.

“Idiot,” he said, “Its not your fault, you are kidnapped after all. I think any ordinary girl would try to escape.” He was smiling after admitting he just kidnapped me. “Why don’t you go take a shower? There are some clothes that might fit you in that closet over there.” He pointed. It felt like I was in a hotel more than a jail cell. I looked back at him and he was clenching his nose, was I that smelly?

“How many days have I been sleeping?” I asked.

“About two days. I was surprised; usually the sleeping dart lasts for 5 hours. You must have been a heavy sleeper,” he laughed. Did I really sleep for that long?

“Alright.” I put the tray down and headed for the bathroom. Behind me, I heard someone else enter the room. I locked the bathroom door and pressed my ear against it. Eavesdropping, of course.

“Shes not an ordinary girl, Cole,” a familiar voice called out.

“Now, now Nathan, that’s not nice,” Cole said in a stuffy voice.

“Whatever, Cole. She should be treated like a hostage, not a guest. By now she should be chained to the wall arms and
Nathan snarled.

“Well, if we do that, she would break them off and make more of a mess than we already have.”
Cole laughed. Was that a joke or an insult? I couldn’t just stand there while Nathan was trying to make me be chained up again. I unlocked the door and barged out. Both Cole and Nathan glanced at me like I was a stupid idiot. I felt like Donald Duck who tried spending three hours, barging out a door only to find it that he had to just unlock it.

“Nathan, I’m sorry for kicking you,” I apologized immediately. He gave a glare and turned his back. Cole chuckled in the background. Great they knew I was eavesdropping.

“I could care less,” he said in his cold voice and left the room. It became silent now.

“W-Was he always this cold and heartless?” I randomly asked to break the silence. Cole laughed.

“Nah, back then he was never like this, but after that happened-“

I heard Nathan snarl in the hallway, I’m guessing I’m not going to hear the story.

“Ah.. but its sorta personal,” Cole chuckled. I nodded and headed to go take a shower.

After a few hours I was in practically in prison the only thing that was different was that the cell was a bedroom, and it was more elegant and meant for a person to live in, not for someone who should be held hostage. I wanted answers, and I wanted them now. Why was I here? What did they want from me? How was Jake doing?
What about my parents? What did they mean when Cole said Father? The more I asked myself these questions, tears started rolling down my face. I quickly wiped them away. I had to stay strong.

I went to the closet to retrieve a tank top, even if this house was huge, they didn’t bother to turn on the A.C. I began taking of my shirt. Without warning, there was another knock on the door, it was hard but with a gentle touch. The door quietly opened and before I could slip on the top it was Daniel, who had walked in when I was changing. Ding Dong embarrassment has arrived.

“…Uh…” Daniel began, “Sorry!” he shouted and zoomed out the door and shut it. It took me a while to progress what just happened.

“It’s time to tell you what your doing here,”
Daniel spoke on the other side of the door. I slid on the top and sat on the bed.

“‘Kay is it safe now?” he chuckled.

“Yeah,” I answered back, still feeling embarrassed.

Daniel walked into the room, now looking at him without getting attacked. He had brown silky hair and hazel eyes, that shined beautifully in the light. He looked to be eighteen. He wore a long jeans and was shirtless, and to my surprise he had at least a 6 pack. He had a sweat towel hanging around his neck, judging from his appearance he had been exercising or been flipping more girls to their doom. I chuckled at that theory. Behind him was a man, he looked around his early 40’s, he had black hair with a few white strands. He had a straight nose but had a more mature resemblance of Nathan and Cole combined.

“Hello, I’m Robert,” the man replied, noticing how long I had been observing him to figure out who he was. Some way to ruin the fun.
He held out his hand, I shook it pleasantly but I had the sense to punch him but thinking what Daniel might do to me again, I restrained myself.

“I’m sure you have some concerns as to why you were forced here… and possibly injured from that. I accept all the responsibility. You see, your father – as charming as he may be – had blackmailed my company.”

Liar, was the first thing that came to my mind. My father was never that low to blackmail and he is a perfect role model to me; that was something I wanted to say out loud. However, my father was never around when I needed him. He was always away that I had no clue what he was doing right now. I only saw him once a month…

I clenched my fist when I visualized the memories that past by, in my train of thought. In the corner of my eye, Daniel flinched and was ready to pounce at me if I planned to attack and shut the old man up.

“Now, fighting fire with fire, I have planned to blackmail him back with all the money he stole from me in trade with your life.” That sentence sent shivers down my spine. “There are some good news and bad news to this however.” He smiled. “Good news is, that we will treat you with the utmost care, bad news it that if you try to attempt escape or tell anyone about this then, I can’t guarantee your life will be safe. I already sent the threat to your father so if he doesn’t reply in five more days, then it’s good bye for you.”

“That’s great.”

Daniel flinched, surprised by my reaction.

a voice shouted in the background. I leaned over to see who it was. “It seems that Aunt Marie and her annoying brats are coming over tonight.”

Nathan walked in the room with his stylish squared glasses that caused his jade eyes to glisten, and just like Daniel, he too was shirtless…

Guess I wasn’t the only one who was boiling hot in this place.

He looked up and our eyes met. I immediately looked down at my feet. His face was memorizing and hypnotizing. He just had the cute face that any girl would fall for. If it wasn’t for his cold attitude, I would have gone out with him.

Then it struck me. What will happen if his family see me?

“Alright, son,” said Robert, slapping Nathan on the back making him stumble a bit. He growled and Robert began to laugh.

“Well, dinner will be prepared soon, so I suggest you all wear your best,” Robert said, glaring at everyone, including myself. Was he planning to invite me, too? He walked out of the room. Daniel followed along, leaving me alone with Nathan.

“Um, what am I going to do if your family asked who I am?” I asked Nathan. He glared at me, and knowing him, he, too, had no idea.

“You’re a human, use your brain,” he scoffed, and left the room. Another conceited comment. I felt like I just wanted to punch him right there.

I went through my closet to see if there was anything to wear that is elegant enough to eat for dinner. Everything in the closet was a little plain, I found a decent white shirt I could wear and a mini black sweater that I could tie in the front. I found a long velvet skirt that reached my ankles. Usually I wouldn’t be seen wearing this, but I had a few tricks up my sleeve. I ripped up the skirt gently to make it more, wearable it was about thigh length. I found some black shoes to go along with my outfit. I had trouble with my long black hair, since it parted to the side every time I tied it up. I swiped my hair back to the side making my hair drop over my shoulders. That looked elegant and nice, right?

I looked around the wardrobe mirror but there was no bobby pin to clip my bangs. I walked out my room with a hair tie and a clip hoping maybe I could explore the mansion and possibly find a bobby pin and hairstyle magazines. The smell of fresh Vanilla hit me once I walked out. It filled the hallway; it was a pleasant smell.
Both ways was a long hallway, it was hard to figure out which way was the stairs. The floor was carpeted purple with gold engraving designs on the side, every door had a small night stand with a vase of roses, on either side, it was symmetrical. The light was beautifully sorted in a way that shined elegantly.

Outside waiting at my door was Cole, he was wearing a green dress shirt with a white tie and baggy jeans. He leaned on the side of the wall with his hands in his pockets, a modelled pose. Cole eyes widened when I walked out of the room, was something wrong with my outfit?

“You look… amazing.”

I began to blush. “Thanks, you too. Do you love the colour green?”

“Yeah, do I look weird in it?”
he laughed.

“No, to me, it looks like your trying to be environmentally friendly,” I paused, waiting for his reaction. ”By dressing up like a tree,” I joked. He double checked what he was wearing, I laughed. “J-O-K-I-N-G.” I slowed my speech making him worried that he dresses up like a tree. I gave him an innocent smile.

He took another glance at me and my outfit. He walked up closer to me. ”Ha ha. However, there is something wrong right here.” He gently placed his hands on my hair and tied it up with the hair tie I had in my hands. He then placed the clip and made my hair drop down under the clip like a waterfall. He stepped back and smiled.

“T-Thanks,” I said, feeling like an idiot for some reason. I was never use to my hair clipped back.

“You look cute with your hair up.”

I asked, blushing,

“Of course,” he smiled, as he walked closer to me.

“Ahem,” a familiar voice said walking down the long hallway. Cole stayed where he was. I looked to the side, it was a brown haired boy with bright hazel eyes that shined in the lighting of the hallway. Daniel. He wore an orange dress shirt with a white tie. He rolled up his sleeves to show his muscles. Show off.

“Well, how do I look?”
I asked to Daniel as I twirled around to show my outfit. Daniel stood beside Cole and did a thinker pose. What’s with these people and their poses? They looked cute every second with or without a pose.
“You look- “
a cold voice interuppted.

His voice echoed in the hallway, not other than jerk himself, Nathan. He walked down the long hallway and his hair was all smooth and silky that shined in the hallway lights. He wore a velvet silk dress shirt with the same white tie as Daniel and Cole and baggy jeans. He walked down the hall with his hands in his pocket, like a model walking down the runway where photographers who would take pictures for every step he takes. He looked dashing; it was hard to take my eyes off him. He stopped right in front of me.

“You better not mess up,” he warned giving me sharp cold look that sent shivers down my spine. I gave him a slight nod and he walked away.

“You both know that you two match?” Daniel spoke, stopping Nathan. The latter began to growl in the background.

“Huh?!” I said surprisingly, I looked at me and then at my outfit. Great, I’m matching with a cold heartless jerk. I heard Cole chuckle while Daniel followed Nathan downstairs.

“Don’t worry, you look fine,” Cole said with a smile and went downstairs.

A few moments later the doorbell rang. I stood by the railing so they wouldn’t see me. At the door was a woman, around her early 30s. She wore a flowery loose black blouse that matched her black skirt that flowed in a formal way and her hair was tied up in a bun.

Behind her was a boy, like a few years older than me, another model looking boy . He looked about Daniel’s age, eighteen. He looked like he had a la!d back attitude, that was very dreamy for girls. His black hair shined in the background, it looked like he had some red tinges in it. His hair dazzled his grey eyes. It was mysterious and meek. He wore a white dress shirt with a black tie with designer pants. This boy cares about his fashion.

Beside him was a timid boy; I’m guessing it was his brother. He looked his brother’s age: eighteen. His sparkling dark brown eyes matched his disarranged brown hair, surprisingly. He was listening to his iPod and wore a stripped sweater with baggy jeans. He looked like he was a regular boy in clothes but taking another glance, he stood wonderfully out of the group.

All of them were carrying a large suitcase. Were they moving here?

The black haired boy looked in my direction. I immediately hid behind the wall.

“I can see you,” he said, his voice was soft and dreamy.

“Oh…” I said feeling disappointed and embarrassed. I walked from behind the wall, the sun shining into my eyes. At the bottom, the browned hair boy stared at me vividly and so did the black haired boy. The only thing that bothered me was the woman. She stared at me with sharp eyes. It felt like she was going to pounce and kill.
I walked down the stairs and near the door was Daniel and Nathan. The woman walked up to me and held out her hand.

“I’m Marie, Nathan, Daniel and Cole’s aunt. That boy over there,” she pointed at the black haired boy, “is Peter, and beside him is Dylan.” She flinched. “And you are?” she said trying to give a fake smile. I can see right through her.

” I-I’m…” I began to stutter, practically feeling Nathan pressuring me as he waited for my response as well. “I’m Nathan’s girlfriend, Kim!” I blurted. I felt embarrassed. I meant to say I was a friend.
I suddenly felt Nathan’s sharp look. Daniel put his hand over his mouth, trying to hold his laughter, his cough fake. The woman turned her head to face Nathan. The latter’s smile was fake, as well as mine.

“Well, that’s… interesting,” she replied, “Why don’t we all go to the dinning room and eat now?”

Could Nathan already have a girlfriend? Marie, Peter and Dylan walked over to the dinning table in the next room; Dylan was still looking at me, shocked. Once they went to the next room, Nathan walked up to me in a furious mood.

“Girlfriend?!” he whispered. I’m guessing he wanted to say more but couldn’t think of the right words.

[/B] “I just used my brain, like you told me to,” I smiled. He growled.

“Now, now, Nathan, you don’t have to be so angry. I mean, she’s actually pretty smart to do that. If she said she was a friend, Aunt Marie wouldn’t believe it since you two don’t seem the best of friends. Who knows if she bought it?”
Cole smiled as he walked into the dining room. He heard all of that?

“Shut up, Cole,” he mumbled. I heard Cole chuckle in the other room; he knew he was right. He walked into the room. Daniel came up to me.

” Ha-ha, nice job!” He flicked my forehead. What’s with these people and flicking my forehead?

“You’re lucky. You did that when he was in his happy mood. Better try acting like he’s your next hubby just to fool Aunt Marie,” he said and walked away. Hehas a happy mood?

I sighed and walked into the dinner room. The dinner table was enormous, and on my right side was a huge window view, and the sun shined graceful through the windows. It hit the diamond chandelier hanging over the polished red wood dining table. Long white curtains draped over the window and hooked onto the side with a few golden designs, that glistered onto the curtain,they were handmade. Everyone was sitting and waiting for me to sit. Each of them had at least three white plates, with silver forks and knives.
I scanned for an open seat, sadly the only open seat was beside Nathan. Nathan glared at the seat and then at me. He sighed.

“Come on here, Kimmy-cub. Sit beside me.” He fake smiled as he patted the seat. Daniel chuckled and Cole held his laughter in by covering his mouth. I felt a little speechless and just smiled back and walked beside Nathan as he put his arm around me. I could feel the tension that he was trying to keep in.

Everyone was staring at us, like it was some dream. I wish it was, so I can wake up from this nightmare.

The dinner wasn’t as pleasant as it seemed. During the appetizers, Aunt Marie started questioning me and Nathan on how we met. Nathan, as being his annoying self, bragged how I fell for his charming self. Yeah, right. Then during the main course, Dylan couldn’t get his eyes off me. It felt uneasy, about me and Nathan.
However, the food was amazing. There was steak, and mixed vegetables fried to perfection. Forgetting my manners, I pigged out. I mean, I haven’t eaten for days, besides that peanut butter sandwich. At dessert, they served Marble cake. I devoured mine and I still felt hungry. I felt embarrassed.

Nathan said, giving his plate of cake. “Pig,” he mumbled under his breath, so only I could hear.

“Thanks,” I smiled gladly taking the cake. “Jerk,” I grumbled. He glared at me and faced the other direction.

“So, how long are you staying here, Marie?” Robert asked, eating the last piece of his cake.

“Well, you see, my poor house was infested with cockroaches, and we called the exterminator but they wont be coming until September, since its August 1st, you wouldn’t mind us staying here for a month?” she smiled. August 1st, rung a bell in my head, but I couldn’t remember what was so important about it.

“A month?!” Robert said, surprised.

“Aw, come on, Robby, it could be a small family reunion. It looks like we have a new comer here.”

She gave a small pout and immediately glared at me with her sharp eyes. I fake smiled back; I hated her already. Nathan sighed.

After the hectic dinner, Nathan, Cole and I were left in the dining room to clean. That is the time where I can shout at Nathan all I wanted.

“Kimmy-cub?!” I complained, and Cole chuckled remembering the moment.

“Don’t think I enjoyed it either. This was your problem in the first place,” Nathan barked. “I wouldn’t be even seen dating a pig like you.”

“Shut up,”
I shouted, aiming for a slap on his face. He blocked my hand and I swung my other hand for the other cheek. He blocked it with his other hand.

“You really think that you can beat me?” he scoffed.

“No,” I smiled, as I kneed him in the place it hurts the most. He stumbled down releasing my hands. Cole laughed in the background.

“Something I was taught when dealing with jerks like you,” I said as I walked over him and out of the room.

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