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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Rachel was amazed knowing that Chapter one of the book of Genesis was been torn out……

“i would call that recital just short of miraculous,Davis seeing how chapter one of genesis is tucked somewhere near the back of the book. You see this is a very old bible and some time ago the first few pages were torn out…… To keep from losing them i…”
“alright damnit.”
grabbing the book from her hands he glared into her wide twinkling eyes and snapped. ”so i can’t read. So what, is there some crime in it……”

more softly she said.: i ”no crime, Mr Davis, and no reason to lie out of shame. Infact you did a beautiful job of reciting the passage, who taught you?……”

he looked off into the darkness. “fort bliss. Barney Davis read it aloud every night before bed.”

“was barney Davis your father?”
she asked feeling her heart thumping as she anticipated his reply.

He didn’t respond but twisted and threw the book back into the wagon before wrapping his fingers insistently around Rachel’s arm. Taken aback, she frowned and demanded.

“what are you doing”

“we both know why i came here Rachel, and it wasn’t to read the bible,and it wasn’t to see Audra get in the wagon.”

she tugged on her arm ”don’t be absurd!”

“i said get in the wagon! Please”
he pulled gently on her arm. ”i just want to share your company a little i won’t do anything you don’t want me to do”

“you have no honour Mr Davis.”

“i might surprise you”


he swore beneath his breath before catching her chin in his fingers. Before she could recover from her shock, her moved his mouth on hers with a fierceness that left her struggling weakly against him. Pulling away he whispered near her ear. “you don’t struggle with stillwell this way”

“he doesn’t make me feel this way”
she said.

“and how do you feel Rachel.”he asked her

“angry and confuse….and … Oh please Davis, just let me go stop makin me feel this way…… I don’t like it…… “
his breath beat fast and warm on her face as he moved his mouth slowly over her cheek, back to her lips, yes much to her own shame she found her self lifting her face to his, unlike Martin Davis kiss was wet and warm and she felt her resistance melt away under a tidal rush of excitement that surged inside her.




I’m going mad, she thought as she la!d down beside him. His hands came at her through the darkness both cupping her face, urging her closer until she was lying half across his body and her lips were suspended just above his.
“someone may come, Davis, I_”

his mouth hushed Her,warm and sweet like the whiskey he’d been drinking. And the swirling started,deep,deep in the pit of her stomach, tugging at her insides so violently she wondered if it will kill her. She heard him groan and wondered if he experienced the same thing, this consuming, pulsing heat that sliced to every point throughout her body. Then the tip of his tongue touched her mouth,and she gasped.

“that hurts…”
she whispered.

Davis pulled away. Her face and hair looked ghostly inthe shadows. ”what hurts, love the kiss?”

she shook her head. “no here.” rolling slightly she placed her flattened hand on her stomach.

“you will like it when you get used to it……”
his fingers moved featherlight across the back of her hand. He felt himself smile as he asked. “didn’t Luke ever make u feel hurt there?”
she shook her head..

“What about stillwell?”
his fingers stilled.

came her firm assurance, making him believe it, all of it: the trembling, the shyness, the hesitation. ” it makes no sense why it should only happen with you, Davis.”

he touched her cheek with his fingers, marvelled at its texture, thinking that if he was honest with himself he’d admit that there were a few strange things happening inside him as well. He was falling for a girl with a face of an angel, a girl who had known neither passion or desire, a girl who came willingly into his arms tho she was aware,for the most part of his past. The kind of girl he’d always dreamed of finding, but had given up hopes of finding long ago.

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