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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 6
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He buried his Hands in her hair until the silver skeins of silk poured over and through his fingers and spilled in white soft puddles in the middle of his chest. He kissed her again, this time acknowledging a new more, violent flame around his heart. It took his breath away.
In that moment he felt solid walls of his resistance began to crumble. Here and there fragment of blinding white lights hinting of hope, penetrated his darkness. For the first time in ages something was real and warm in his life: feelings were surfacing that left him confused and yes as frightened as she. She was the kind of woman who drove men beyond reason:the kind of woman a man could die for.

He thought i would gladly die if …………………
Davis clutched her to him, dragging her resistance body against the hungry hard length of his.

This time when he kissed her he drew her mouth to his forced upon his mouth with his tongue and gently at first,then more urgently until he could slip inside her,until hrt he could plunge inside to explore her mouth intimately. Rachel’s heart skipped,then hammered in a frantic race that sent a jolt of wild s£nsat!ons through her body. She trembled and clung, feeling as if she were slipping down some beckoning but bottomless abyss.

Dragging his mouth from hers, he whispered ”ah, Rachel Rachel, what i’m going to do with you?……”then laughing huskily he said. ”i know what i’d like to do to you. I will hate my self in the morning.



She blinked her eyes wishing he could keep quiet and kiss her again, when he la!d his head on the floor of the wagon and stared at the canopy overhead she thought she would die if he did not kiss her again. She reached with her hand and touched his lips. When his head came pu, she said, ”again pls”.

“again what?”

kiss me like you did before.”
she smiled again with one corner of her mouth and admitted, ”i like it……”

“you admit it, do you?”

Rachel felt herself blush. Perhaps young ladies didn’t admit to such things, even in Texas. They certainly didn’t in new Orleans.

With a grown he wrapped his arms around her and rolled ,his entire length was stretched upon her. A whole new flurry s£nsat!on burst inside her. Like an eddy they whirled through her arms and legs and heart and stomach.

And funneled into her nether regions. “oh my”she breathe it…… Then looking up into his dark face with its dark eyes and the smile, not quite happy and not quite sad, she closed eyes and thought it,oh my.

He did kiss her again: her cheek, her eyelid,the tip of her nose. He nozzled the underside of her chin with his face and her breath became feverish, fast sound that was as foreign to her as the growing need inside her.

She clamped her arms around his back, how broad and hard it was, how hot. His shirt was hot, too and moist against her palms.

Braver now as his mouth slid up and down her throat, sh timidly stroked his hair.

Why,why,why did all this seem so right,so sinless? She welcomed his kiss, even open her mouth for the tormenting plunges of his tongue,returning the touch with her own until he began to lose control. His hands were everywhere,in her hair on her face,her throat, seeking and finding the soft swell of her b----t. The buttons down the front of her blouse gave way instantly to the pressure of his fingers, and before she could deny him, his hands were sliding behind her chemise, cupping over the high, hard points of her b----t that were curiously sensitive to the touch.

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