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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Her head rolled back and forth. Her hands made ineffectual motions that meant nothing. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on how warm and wet his mouth was moving over the hollow of her throat, her chest and down. . . .down.

She gasped as his lips slid over her ripe sweetly swollen n----e. Her hands flew to his head, buried themselves again in his hair. . .and did nothing.

“no, she sighed.oh no”

“beautiful, she heard him murmur. Sweet God,you taste so good.”

without leaving her b----t, he lifted up her skirts,she barely noticed until his finger tugged the strings of her drawer, pulled them half down her hips. Her shoulders rolled off the floor, her hands grabbed his shoulders. “no! No Davis,you promised!you musn’t,we can’t, it’s not…………”
his fingers slid inside her.

His head came up and their eyes locked, her mouth dropped open and she felt as if her body and senses were torn into two. Involuntarily she shivered, mesmerized by the rhythm of his hands and what its was doing inside her..
She grew uncomfortably warm there.

Embarrassingly wet. She wanted to press her legs togather so he’d stop, but she didn’t she couldn’t, and to her own horror she found herself opening her legs further, lifting her body against his hands, meeting his rhythm with her own until her hips were writhing and the sweet awful pain there, buried around his finger grew so unbearable she began to fight it,to thrash against him and whimper for relief she knew must be there, but couldn’t quite grasp.

She pleaded, she didn’t know what for. Pressing his big body against hers, he kissed her,rotated his lips against her as the same rhythm as his hands. But oddly enough she couldn’t kissed him back. Her body was frozen, every vibrating, humming s£nsat!on now centered between her legs.

It grew and throbbed and grew until_
“don’t fight it,”
he said in her ear. “ah, love just let it happen!”

It did…… The release came like an eruption,sailing her high, shattering her outward, her shoulders left the floor. Her hands failed. A cry tore at her throat, but she kept it there.

Where it rasped and burned for the escape her lower body felt. And still his hands moved, wring from her stranger’s body every last ember that burned her until she collapsed beneath him, numb, limp, and more complete than she’d ever felt in her life.

She opened her eyes to the sight of him gazing down at her,his mouth smiling in the pale canvas-filtered light of the moon.

Stunned, Rachel remained motionless,staring up into his eyes, bewildered over what had just taken place within her own body, and embarrassed, too. She could hardly deny that she’d enjoy this sort of love making, and judging by his smiles he was aware of that too. It had a sobering effect on her mood.

She turned her burning face from his and said. ”you promised Davis”
he laughed. ” i said i wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me to do.” he pulled his hands of her drawers and gently tugged down her skirt. ” I could have done more love.

there was an urgency in his voice that gave her pause.

“Don’t marry stillwell.”

a heartbeat passed as she stared at his features. His mouth was again stubborn.

“marriage to Martin will certainly solve ma problems. Why shouldn’t i marry him?”

” i don,t like him.”

“you don’t like him? You shan’t be living with him.”

“well you will and i don’t like it”.
Damned if he knew. But the thought of stillwell doing what he just did her,kept hunting him unsettled him angered him. His anger grew as those thought pierced his mind.

Then he thought of letting Rachel marry stillwell after all he can’t give her all her needs and stillwell is a gentle man while him he is just an alcoholic. With those thoughts he jumped down from the wagon that he couldn’t hear Rachel calling out to him


She gradually awoke, watching dust that floated,weightless, in the suffocating,sweltering heat inside the rocking wagon.

She lay that way long while, recalling the events of the previous evening, closing her eyes and imagining Davis in the dark, touching her,kissing her,rotated asking her not to marry stillwell.

Throwing her wrist over her eyes,she contemplated his future. He’d made a mistake,_albeit a big one_but men made mistakes. She was certain he was remorseful of it, whatever it was he could change. He was changing already. The trick was to convince him to admit his identity, then to convinice the jury that he walked the straight and narro. They might be convinced to forgo a hanging,considering the sad circumstances with his past.,but what about prison? He min spend years in prison……………….

Looking across the narrow confine wagon, she noticed Audra missing.

Crawling to her knees to the front of the openings. Rachel yanked back the flap and stared at deputy Hale’s back.

Tipping his hat Hale peered back over his shoulder into her stunned face. “morning, miss Rachel or should i say afternoon”

“where is audra? And where is Davis?

“Mrs Gregory is up front of the train with the widower and Davis is back with the others.”



she licked her dry lips ”why his Davis not driving my wagon?”

Hale shrugged. “don’t rightly know. Captains

wells came to me this morning and i ask that i take Davis place………………. Said he won’t be driving you anymore.”

backing away she tied up the opening and sank back on her bed roll. She sat that way until she heard homer call out…… ”pull’em up boys!” then she hurried to dress in the only muslin gown she owned before dropping the back gate of the wagon jumping to the ground.

There was a heaviness to the air that was stifling. She saw Davis and Sam as they mounted their horses some distance a way,
was Davis ignoring her? He’d seen her,rotated for certain,so wt was he acting as if she were nothing more than another clump of that ungodly cactus lining the road?

She watched in distraught silence as he followed the old ranger to the others clyde, Pedro, and Pete where he squatted in the shed of a lively oak tree.

Jeromia rode up then and informed her that homer had requested all travelers to meet at the head wagon. Joining Manuela and her husband Rachel hurried toward the others.

Homer was pointing to the bank of threatening black clouds on the horizon when Rachel and the alverezes arrived. “it looks bad, folks,”he said , “and its moving this way…… That’s a toad choke even i haven’t seen one, so i have to warn ya if ya choose to begin crossing the sabinal now, there is chance we won’t all make it afore the storm.

There is a chance the storm will hit us while we are crossing and it won’t be pleasant. The rivers north of her have been swollen by the rain, and you can ve sure this creek here is gonna suffer”.

“then the simplest thing to do is to wait! “
someone called out……

A chorus of agreement followed.

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