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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Thunder rumbled in the distance and a hot blast of wind whipped the women’s skirts as they hurried back to the wagon. Rachel, intent on finding Audra since the deputy told them to make a cross instead of waiting for two more weeks. Ran up the line until she located her step mother at the widower Taylor’s wagon.

“what are you doing here, Rachel? Why aren’t you preparing our belongings for the cross over.”

“certainly you don’t intend me to do this alone? How dare you leave this responsibility to me! And what if you make it across and i don’t? What then?”

grinning smugly, Audra purred, “then a fun fare thee well until i see you again daughter”

swallowing back her disgust, Rachel whirled back down the train, stopping again at Martin’s wagon. He stood staring into the wagon bed while jules Martin’s man servant worked frantically rearranging the numerous crates packed to the canvas ceiling. A rain drop plopped on the middle of Martin’s fore head as he turned to face her. Blotting it with his kerchief, he said. ” ah my dear, there you are, are you prepared to cross?”
she shook her head.

“is something wrong?”

‘”i … I’m just worried, what if Audra makes it across and i don’t?”

“then you will have a wonderful reprive of her company, won’t you?……”
frowning at his man servant he snapped. ” good heavens, jules, take care man before you shatter those crate of China. Isn’t it enough that i had five place settings brutalized by those clumsy bovines?”

backing away, Rachel said quietly, “but i’ve never been on my own before.

What shall i do? She is liable to leave me, you know. Then what would i do?”

“jules perhaps that trunk of crystal and linens should be stacked there, just in case the waters rise. . .”

Rachel turned back to her wagon all down the line the people talked. And this was one thing about Martin stillwell he only had time for himself and well as his possession. He doesn’t have good listening ears and all the time he thinks about himself and his possessions.

Another half hour passed before he first wagon began crossing the sabinal`s river hood.

With the help of Manuel Rachel busied her arranging her self and rearranging her belongings and Audra’s own.

The prisoners were taken to the opposite bank of the river. But as usual Davis was never far from Sam’s side: the ranger ultimately removed his manacles so he could assist at the crossing.

The water continued rising by the time the sixth wagon rolled into the creek bed the current was surging nearly to the axles. Rachel sat bravely inside her wagon, peering out into the rain, hopping against hope that deputy Hale will return in time to drive her wagon.

She listened as rain poured through the repaired seams of the canvas and into the tin Pail they’d been using as a chamber pot. After emptying the vessel twice she made up her mind to ignore it.

Lighting spooked her horses, so she had little choices but to climb up on the wagon seat and take hold of the line. From the distance she heard the bowling of cattle, the whoops and holders of the train employees as the did their best to maneuver the animals and wagons over the swelling river,
she thought she saw jeromia a few wagons up. Then a bolt of electricity split the air and the man on the horseback became. . . Nothing. Wiping the rain from her eyes she stared and blinked in disbelief as she noticed jeromia’s body thrown against a nearby tree. His horse lying some distance away.

She buried her fists against her eyes curled hrt torso toward he knees and let the rain drops pound on her back. Faster and faster they fell becoming harder and harder, turning into ice that pulled her and the horses unmercifully. The animals, too terrified to move, ducked their heads between their front legs and braced for the worst.

The black clouds boiled above them.

The continuous roar of thunder vibrated the grown while lightening rippled the tearing at the wagon’s canvas, rocking the thing like a cradle until Rachel thought for certain the vehicle would overturn and crush her beneath its weight.

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