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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 23
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no no no I think am exhausted already I need to sleep now please.

NGO: come on don’t tell me you are tired already even though, that’s why I want you to drink this, it will boost your energy.

Me: I know everything about manpower and I know the side effect too.

Temih: let’s leave him to rest there is always another day (no be me and una).

Me: now you are talking. : I took cloth and cover myself and within seconds am already sleeping. I wokeup the following day feeling weak and my eyes turning me, I saw Temih and Ngozi beside me sleeping naked, when I look at NGO fat a-s omo I tell you that a-s can make a Reverend father commit sin, They were sleeping gently and slowly, I stood up and as I want to wear my trouser I look at NGO a-s again mehn that a-s is so tempting it will be a sin to my d--k if I don’t do anything since my d--k is already streghting neck for it. I pull the trouser off and climb bed again, I sleep at her back and spread the leg a little,I put spit on my hand and put it on her pussi then I climb her though I use my two hands to support myself with the bed so that my body won’t touch her, I shift the leg again to have clearer view of her pussi, and then I insert the weapon and start gboging her slowly, and within minutes her pussi don they sleepery already, I was going in and out without any hold up nor traffic jam,and when I look at her face I saw her smiling, she open her leg wide for better penetration and I didn’t fail to deliver, I was doing it faster this time and am even surprise Temih is still sleeping, is shethat tired? after some time NGO got up and told me to sleep, I sleep and face up and she came ontop me facing her a-s at me, she put my divk inside her and start f-----g me badly, she na realbad girl badder than rihanna, she continue f-----g me and the thing be say na only her a-s they move her body no they move follow her, at first I even thought I will release on time so that I will be on my way but I was wrong, she dig me for almost 30 minutesbefore I later came. guess what after I came she want us to do again,.

Me: come on that should be later am going home now

NGO: alright I really enjoy myself sweet.

Me: me too dear

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