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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 27
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i followed her inside their parlour and then her room, I look the fan, I took one chair and climb it to get a clearer view, she walk out maybe to her store, I check the fan and saw that the wire burn at one end, so I started fixing of course I off their metre before fixing it, when she came in again.

Mama: Jesus why you they sweat like this?

Me: na work I they oh.

Mama: ha make I prepare water for you to baf after you finish.

Me: no worry I go baf for house.

Mama: tar you nor fit go house like this. without arguing she went to the bathroom inside the room and arrange water and I finish everything up, I came down and sat on the chairsweating like Xmas goat.

Mama: jeez no be small work I give u oh. : she took Handkey from bed and started using it to clean my body, as she bend her b----t was visible to me and am starting to gain attention so I quickly took the handkey from her hand and started using it myself. Mama: you need to go baf oh.

Me: alright tnx. I got up and walk to the bathroom, very clean bathroom with shower, they have nice bathroom while their tenants they share yeye one for backyard, na wa oh. I back the door and off my clothes, this is strange I know but I don’t want to refuse her offer, Iremove my clothes and begin shower, one minutes later the dooropen and I saw her standing on the door with white pant and bra, they are just to big for me to reject. I came to buy energy boost but instead she want collect the small wey remain, there is god

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