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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Mummy Favor what are you doing?

Mama: time to repay the favor you owe me. She came to me inside the bathroom and back the door, she was starring at my d--k while i stare at her gigantic boobs.

Me: mummy favor come on you are marrie…….. She use her finger to quench my mouth and then push me closerto the wall, she grab my d--k with her right hand and then started robbing it.

Mama: you dont want but your d--k want it huh?

Me: come on what of your husband?

Mama: he will soon come so you better do it quick if you dont want him to catch us like this. : my d--k is hard already and if i dont do it is a crime to me so to make it easy for her i push her to the wall and grab her boobs and then i started sU-Cking it, since she said no time then let me just do the koko and leave before my cup full. We romance each others and then i pull of her big pant and raise one of her leg up with my right hand, i use my leg to hold her leg on the wall so thati can penetrate very well, then i started kissing her again she took my d--k and insert it inside her pussi “aaaaaah” she hala at the first stroke, i continue fvcking her slowly before i put more jar, at each stroke she will shot “yes, yes yes,” like danny obrian (i heardhe retired is it true). I raise her leg on the wall very well and i must confess her pussi is sweat and hot also, after some time she pushed me to the floor and make me lay down facing the ceiling, she climb me and started ramming me very hard, as she was fvcking me she wall also smiling licking her tongue, i was lost in fantasy even though we nor balance but e sweet die, she was stillramming me when i pump into her with my acamu, it was after i release that i remember condom, i just hope she dosnt get pregnant for me because there is no way i will get her to abort the baby because shes a married woman, come to think of it all the ladies i have hit i didnt use condom, i hope i wont be the father of all nation like 2baba.

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