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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 71
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hello babe.

come on were are you? it’s time already.

am sorry dear am on my way already, am just trekking.

NGO: were are you now?

currently in our computer center.

okay please be fast, I don’t want to be late.

Me: okay baby.
I wanted to enter keke but I don’t want to use this money because I budget it for gift or any other emergency payment, I have been to many party and I know how they roll, it is better I have money in my pocket unless I want to disgrace myself.

I arrive at her house and then I called her cell phone, I told her to meet me in front of her house, after few minutes I saw her coming out with another person, guess who.

Of course you are right, she came out with Temitope AKA Temihsmart, when she saw me she came to me and hug me nicely.

(she look nice and cool with her
nice shape)

you just forget me abi?

babe no be so oh, na work cause am.

work? as you fresh like like this?

Me: for get that one joor, are you coming with us?

Temihsmart: of course na, or you want me to stay alone at home?

no, is good you are coming self, at least my two wives will be at my side.

They both laugh, I hold both of them out as we enter keke straight to Sapele road were Nkechi live.

We board the keke so he will take us inside the
street, NGO direct him till we reach the house with full gate, even the compound is splendid more like an estate,.

Me: so this is were she come to work everyday?

NGO: yes na, though her father always drop her or her mother.

Temihsmart: mehn them get level oh.

I settled the keke man and then we knock at the
door, the security man verified us as her friends
before we enter, the place is already booming with music with disco lights everywhere, we enter bar were they gather chair and surround one green canopy, the party has already began though they are just doing formality, people are not much more like a simple party, I can see my manager sitting comfortably on the high table with wine place
directly in front of him, the MC continue the intro, they serve us drink which I took in glass and started sipping

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