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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 7
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Na so i dash am chase, just then one provost come cross my path nai i come tackle e legs nai e come fall, just then one fat woman {ona know say uniform no dey employ fatty bum bum dem but i go say the lady get weight sha} just run hook am come stone am one bloody punch before she come tell me thank you, oya beating things start cause she show the provost the difference between pepper and ginger . As i come look aroun nai i come see say most of the recruits dey beat the provost dem turn turn, {sha na the combat zone we dey and na only here you go fit pay back so no blame dem }.

enough of this bull s--t men, we dey go ibadan so make we no divert follow asaba, make we go straight to ibadan .

Just then i come see my target won change cause nai i come spring on top am . Bring am down, come start to tear am my own punch , just then the alarm for the next stage come sound, chai what a f--k? Why these people no allow make i re-arrange and re-package this guy face for am na?

Nai i come leave am dash into the next stage….


my brothers and sisters as soon as i enter the next stage, wetin i see come do make i remember wetin one nigerian army man for facebook been tell me. {the army man and me be dey quarrel nai e come vex tell me say if e catch me, by the time e go finish with me with forward rolls, i go c-m sperm through my mouth, haha like seriouse?} i been dey laugh am dey call am homo but here i was ready to do forward roll, guy just then my eyes come catch glimps of some guys mouth, chai dem dey discharge white substance from their mouth, yes o gobe don show

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