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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 10
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E com raise e hands to tear me slap , just then, he come stop order me to run join the rest for the training field.

Yes! Yes o i don finally escape o, chai thank God that soldier no slap me if not na another story i for dey tell o.

On arrival to the field where my company were training, mhen i say na rope training dey in progress. The army man wey dey train us just wield e cow tail {koboko} firmly come dey give us order. Na so we climb rope dey run for rope. Swing for rope like monkeys, infact we become human monkeys that dey and to crown it all we even jump height. Mhen we see something that day o. Finally we completed the STAGE 10 which was the last stage in the training on day 5 being friday. Cause we’ll be using day 6 to prepare our self for the POP and also learn marching and other stuffs. The POP will take place on the day 7 which will be our last day in the training camp. Mhen at the thought of POP i was very happy, at last i will be leaving this bloody training ground.

I was still lost in thought when someone tapped me on the shoulder, i turn round only to see the girl that beat the hell out of me.

“hello handsome”

*handsome fire you there! When you been dey beat me as you like you been think say na handsome you dey beat?*

“hi beauty”

*muchew as he you fine?*

“how are you doing?”

*after you beat me like say na me thief your papa goat or na me rape your mama cow , how you expect make i day? Abi i be iron?*

“am okay and you?”

*who cases??*

“same, am sorry about what happened during training, it wasn’t intentional”
“its okay dear”

*dear fire me there*

“how are you feeling now?”
*how you expect make i feel after all the beating? Abi i be iron?*

“am feeling extra alright”
“are you sure?”

*oh wetin be this na abi them send you?*

“yes ofcourse, even if you were to hit me now, i’ll be very okay now”

*my stupid mistake*

“oh really?”

*just try am and see if i no go murder your a-s here*

“okay, i just wanted to tender my apology, i’ll be on my way now”
“ok no wahala”
“okay take care, bye”
“same here”

as i turn face to go my way, guess who i meet?

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