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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 11
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As i turn round , i saw solo standing behind me and smiling like someone who just won a lottery of two MILLION naira in this current recession. I just ignored him and proceed towards our hostel area. He ran towards me but i didn’t want to talk to him cause i knew what he’ll talk about and i wasn’t ready for it. I increased my speed to open the pace between us but the more i do that the more the pace get smaller. Haba! Wetin come be this guy own self, abi dem send am?

Just then he caught up with me
“guy so na you wan start to harmer o”
“harmer wetin?”
“that girl na”
“idiot, na wetin make i been no wan talk to you be that cause i know say nobi better thing you come to talk, better no come spoil me o”

“spoil you? Or you don dey follow those sets of holy holy boys dem start?”

to be sincere, immediately he said that, i lost my temper

“if dem born you well , oya just repeat wetin you talk now if nobi for mortuary you go fine yourself”

“come o, you well at all, just because of small play nai you dey behave like this?”

“small play fire that your fowl yansh mouth there you hear, ubanka waka shege, your papa first and last wife”


“spoonz fire you there, na spoonz my mama call me when she born me?”

“come o you know who you dey talk to? Na me the almighty alaye you dey abuse so? The one and only woman doctor from ph? The one who coach ? The one and only yaro who knows when and how to mentor?, oboy you really f--k up jor, i don vex , YOU are now on your own, no more help from me”

“help fire you there, abi i tell you say i come here to come chase women? Common get out jor”

he just walk off angrily, mtchew who cares, let him go to hell for all i care…

Talking about solo, he is an boy ikwerri boy and resides in ph, his father is an army staff sergent and his mother is a nurse. So they do stay at the barracks, bori camp barracks to be precise and when it comes to ladies, solo fit even toast and get a lady twice the age of his mum down to his age and below. Me self dey wonder wetin this guy dey use wey women dey fall for am every where e go and wetin come pain me be say e no even fine like that wey i for say otherwise. Even for camp here, e don toast and win one senior female provost . Chai the bad guy…any ways that will be a story for another day jor, i just want to get to my hostel and prepare myself for the great event coming , POP.

I was still moving at snail’s pace when i got to my hostel entrance i saw solo standing and smiling evily just then i recognise the person next to him. CHISOS! i don enter am today, what i saw nearly gave me heart attack, it was …….{faints}…..

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