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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 3
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as soon as we turn round we come see provost stanley dey stand with e hands akimbo, nai we jump up salute.

“baba stanley ur boys dey trow way salute for air o”
i started hailing him
just then we come hear dave dey talk e own “baba police me raise my legs and hands for air dey trow you salute o” as we turn look the bros direction e don lie down for ground on his back raise e legs and hands for air. Omo na so this guy dey? See as e just dey fall hands na chai omo just because of praise nai make you dey punish yourself? This guy you mumu o.

Just then provost stanley come ask “so na who ona been say dey mad?”

omo see gobe na? Abi this guy no dey ever forget something abi e be witch? Sha na we fine am so make we use our head carry carry am after all there is an adag in my native language which says sor oo kpo yoorr aa eree ekpalo ebiea yii lo ebiea mee otera , loo oyira obiya su o ekobee su ereba nu omue { when you chase a green snake and it runs into green grass, you better stop chasing it and run back but if you still insist on chasing it and don’t want to retreat, anything you see, use your head to carry it}
yes o we don enter am today, today na today o


Every where just went silent at once , even a pin drop could be heard. It just look as if a ghosticue been spotted. Provost stanley just stood where he was and was looking at us with a blood shot eyes, mhen if to say looking dey kill eh, all of us for drop down dead instantly cause the kind eye the able provost give us that night nearly make me urinate for my pant *omo thank God say i control the urine o if not i for become a celebrity o, infact throughout that year na me for become the fastest growing celebrity with lots of fans* i just manage to control my fears.

“i ask again na who ona dey call mad man?!!”

his voice booming this time around shaking us very well from the spirit world back to the physical world. *cause our spirits been done go on forced vacation* still nobody wan talk.

Just then i come notice say every body eyes dey on me. Just then e come dawn on me say i be their oga and na me suppose to save them * chai fear no good o, see as fear make me fall my boys hands na*. Nai i just waka go near provost stanley come whisper

“oga mi , nobi wetin you dey think o, na joke my boys been dey joke suddenly one person come decide to pull stunt nai one of them come ask , na who be that mad man wey get mind to punish my oga, so we been dey get fun na, nothing more than that ”

“hmmmm, you sure?”
provost stanley come ask me amid doubt

“yes hundred percent sure *chai Lucky you been the greatest liar of the century*
“yes na true, i fit even show you the guy wey talk am self.”
just then i come realise say something *chai lucky you don f--k up, something wey you don nearly get this guy now you don put your self inside more hot soup, you mumu o*

“okay show me the guy”

*chai see f--k up na* “you mean the guy?”
*angrily* “no, i mean the babe!”

me thinking fast as a sharp guy, i need to act fast before yawa ghast *mhenna who i fit point out now, if i point david e go fall hands and most other people them no dey fast to cover a-s, wetin man go do now na? Just then solo come cross my mind.* yes solo na good guy, e dey very sharp o , and e fit play along well.
“mr man you no fit talk again?” stanley come fire back e jamb question”
“see the guy wey talk am there”
pointing at solo

“oya come out”
provost stanley beckon solo

solo come waka come front where we dey.
On recognising him fully provost stanley shouted

“chai so after all these hours i still catch you, so na you get mind call me fry pan yansh for drill field this morning say i fit s--t eggs ,so after to talk am finish you come run abi? No worry today na today make you prepare to s--t those eggs you say i fit s--t, cause you self get fry pan yansh and you must help me s--t those eggs”


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