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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 4
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I watched them like tv as both continue their questions and answers session alongside threats and apologies.

*make dem no worry i volunteer to be their ref*

boy today na today o you must surely s--t eggs wether you like am or not

solo: haba oga provost e never reach like that na and again i nobi chicken wey dey s--t eggs
*oboy see stamina o. This solo guy na bad guy see as e just dey nack the guy na*

wait o na who you just talk to like that just now
*yes o gobe don burst stanley 2, solo 1*

oga nobi so na , nobi wetin you dey think o

stanley: then na wetin?

Solo: but you self reason am na? Na only fowl dey s--t eggs

{quoting the military moral code} who was the first gallant man

my commander
*thats my boy*

stanley: who’s the most rugged

my commander

stanley: why is it that most of you are very heady?

Solo: *silence*

stanley: since na the very first time you dey f--k up where i dey, make i just pardon you but next time, i go treat your f--k up. Is that clear?

sir yes sir

good *turns towards me* and you make sure you trained and show these boys some manners is that clear?

sir yes sir

and now bear in mind that tomorrow is iron training

*iron training? Chai we go s--t eggs tomorrow o. Chai na who send me come? *

get ready for your worst nightmares, tomorrow will determines who the uniform fits, tomorrow your civilian mentality will be washed away from you and will be replaced by military mentality. It is only those who the uniform is meant for will survive, and those that survive are those dim fit for the job ahead. Good night boys and before i forget all must go to bed early so that you get to wake up early cause late coming to drill field will attract discipline.

After his speech, provost stanley walk away leaving our hostel.

“lock the door ”
i wailed out and the door was closed and lock. “now everybody back to your rooms.”
we all dispersed to our variouse rooms , througout that night, all i was thinking of was the training ahead, iron training, does it mean we’ll be trainined with iron rods like cows? Chai man really don suffer o .

Ok na lets just watch out and see how this training stuff will sail na after all it is this hard training that makes us gallant and rugged so as to carry out our duty with ruggedity and stamina.

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