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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 5
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*with sleepy voice* “oga abeg i dey abeg you off that bomblast”

*sleepishly stretched my hands to turn it off, just then i decided to check time* {shouting} “chisos!!! We don buy job o”
sha buying of job was a coded name we recruits and cadets normally to illustrate getting into trouble with a soldier, superiors, seniors etc.

So when i shouted job every body rose up in panick boys shouting and yelling at each other: ” hey solo wear you drop my boot? , wear my pant? Wear my navy blue short? Where white trainer?

Wait o na me dey take care of your things? Your fabo, solo wear you keep the soap? Shekeau i keep the soap under bed, you dey mad, you dey craze, na our fabo be shekeau not me.

Then na me send spoonz to slice your throat? I wish provost stanley come catch you again, etc”

oya make of ona shout up and bath fast, you all are like bunch of big ignoramus

who be that devil chicken? Oya come here make i use you demostrate osama bin laden versus barrack obama”
*every where death silence even a pin drop could be heard*

“ona dey busy dey make noise make ona no busy ona self about job ona go buy”
we all with the speed of lighten tear race to the devotion hall. Time check 0600hours. After there we went to the drill field from where we all dispatched to our variouse training unit and formation.

“oga spoonz morning”

i turn back see solo dey smile i greeted him back and we proceeded to our formation.

As soon as we come reach formation.

Morning orientation don start self, na wa o.

“good morning rugged wee”

“good morning sir”

“today, is the day 5 of this training. Today we’re entering stage 9 to stage 10 and the training is themed iron training…”
*so na true after all, atlast man go use hands chop irons into two? Chai i don die today*
“…and no talking during…”

*say wetin happen wey man no go talk na, abi wetin God give us mouth for na*

“…concentrate when firing and please don’t forget the man next to you, always concentrate don’t fire at your fellow, aim direct there*pointing hand at a bullet proof area* don’t play with the trigger, always be careful , don’t play with any woman, infact operation no woman…”

*make e fire you there, you wey no fit stay without one*

“…alright boys lets go there!”
*end of speech*

*wait o wetin e say we do and no do and na where dey go self? Chai to be since i no hear 90 percent of e orientations cause i no pay attention chai wetin i go do and e say no talking , i don finish*

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