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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 7
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Source: coolval22


“DC na superman in woman form i dey fight o”

“boy shut up and man up”
“chai DC abeg na”
“you better no fall men hands”

i just made up my mind not to fight her cause na woman, “gbozaaaa” punch come dey scatter my face, i was very confuse and dumb at the same time. More punches kept on raining and i had no choice than to keep dodging it but this girl still no wan leave me abi na witch dem send from my village come?


the altimate punch scatter my face. I started seeing flowers but wait o. Ona sure say my head correct? Woman dey busy dey bury me and my own na to dey busy dey see flowers? Chai lucky you fall hands. More punches start to rain down like volcanic eruption. The punch became very several to the point i couldn’t even feel my jaw again. All i kept on trying not to hit her and also enduring pain at the same time. Suddenly i heard a very osama bin laden punch landing on my fore head
“gbozaaaaaaaa” and i heard “noooooo!!!!!!”
that was the last thing i remembered

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