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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 9
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Source: coolval22
chai God na so i go take lost my d--k?
I watch as he drew the knife closer to me and i decided to close my eyes so as not to witness what will happen to me with my naked eyes but only feel the pains.

“oya now get up and match to the field”
“what for?”

i ask him with a confuse glance but eyes still not focusing on either the knife he was holding or its location

“this is stage 10, its about to start and you must join in the training”

“but sir am not that much strong”
“strong to do what?”
“to participate in the training sir.”

he first of all took a quick look at me, my section commander and finally back to me cadenre speaking out

“oh as na training now you no get strenght but if to say na p---y you for get strenght to bleep am bah?”

*come o belike something dey worry this man o, e see the way that girl beat me scatter and yet e still get mind to come tell me to go back to training especially in this my current state whereby seeing clearly is a “wahala” cause na double double i dey see and yet e just dey dey dey …. Infact this man dey mad*
“but sir…”
“shut up boy”
“yes sir!”
“now get your a-s up and hit the door way”

as i check i come notice say this guy don cut off the plaster of paris wey dem use roll for my face and hands. I just get up salute and march towards the door, i was about existing the room when he called out


“you really proof yourself to be a man”

*confused face*

“you really did well in the training and am very proud of you but you fall my hands by letting that dove beat you”

talking about dove, it was a code name we the guys used in addressing our men in skirt, i mean our female comrades, we refer to them as doves while the men where code name eagles.

“am sorry sir , thank you sir”

i murmur as he nods like an agama lizard, i left the room, on getting outside, i notice it was the medical corp zone. Sha this people dem dey enjoy o. I walk back to the training field only to meet them already in training a soldier was training them i became scared but decided to brave it, on arrival the army man come turn face me, my brother it was that same army captain that tore me a slap wey take me to hell fire *urine was released*
just then the guy come advance raise e hands to tear me slap me for late coming….and indeed this time around i started seeing my obituary with my naked eyes

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