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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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“Promise me you’ll be back soon”,
Emily said looking into the eye of her fiance, Derek while still holding him around the neck.

“I cross my heart,trust me on that one”,
he said in his rich baritone.

The two lovebirds were oblivious of the sights and sound of the airport and Derek would have lost his flight if not for a shove he got from a woman in her mid-fifties trying to get to the plane on time. She cursed in Italian and went on without saying as much as a “Sorry”.

Emily Bradley had come to the Vatican City on the special assignment of covering the Holy Saturday and Easter celebrations which,as she was told, was a very important celebrations which, as was told, was a very important celebration in life of Catholics which account for 95% of the world’s population. Actually, the Vatican had invited the CNN, two days before then. The celebration is called Triduum which means three days of the Catholics’ celebration but she was behind schedule due to some complexities. She had looked forward to having an entirely new experience in the world’s smallest country.

Derek Oscar,her fiance, is the Chief Supervising Officer of G.S. Tech. Corp., Abu Dhabi Dubai. He had accompanied her from Nigeria, her home country in Africa to the Vatican but unfortunately he had been called to give a lecture to the Robotic & Artificial Intelligence Department of Massachussetts Institute of Technology and supervise their exhibit. He just had to be there.

“You look worried, Emily. You’re not telling me something”,
he said, holding her cheeks.

“No,it’s nothing. I think it’s just stress”,
she said looking away.

“If there’s a problem,just let me know. Okay?”

she said, a bit relieved. She just don’t want to let him worry over her family problems,not just yet.

“I’ll be going now,bye”.

“Don’t forget,I bought tickets for an EXPO that would be held in Nigeria tomorrow; don’t make me regret”,
she said after him as he headed for the plane,clutching the handle of his briefcase.

“Trust me,I won’t!”,
he hollered back and began mounting the steps of the Boeing 777 passenger plane.

She felt lonely and stressed as the plane prepared to take off. They had come in from Nigeria just the previous night and she would still have to report to the Vatican City before calling for her crew. She really needed to rest so as to brace herself up for the day, but first she had to call her boss.

She walked light headed back to her Hyundai Sonata hybrid parked a few metres away and headed for the hotel she lodged in so as to grab a short nap before heading to the Vatican City.

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