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Story: The President
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I decided to call him through the message he sent after much thought and he picked up after seconds of ringing.

Marcus: Hello dude

Me: Marcus was shot dead in front of me, so who are you? (Pretending like I dunno)

Marcus: It’s me, I didn’t die… I escaped death

Me: How’s that possible with three shots on the chest?

Marcus: I had a vest on

Me: So you’re telling me you’ve been alive all this while?

Marcus: Yea

Me: I see… so what do you want from me now?

Marcus: A second chance to live

Me: **Chuckles** Second chance? Is that your new strategy?? You’re wasting your time. I advise you to do what you said in the text you sent to me because you have no chance of doing any harm to us again

Marcus: I meant every word I said in the text, I have lost everything… my family, friends, everything! The only thing I have now is my life and I don’t want to lose it too

Me: You’re not going to lose your life if you don’t bother us again

Marcus: I know I’ve been a bad guy, but lying has never been a strategy for me to get anything. I won’t cause any trouble again and I mean it, I want to live a peaceful life

Me: Peaceful life? How can you live a peaceful life when you still have a 25 year sentence in prison which could also be extended for escaping prison?

Marcus: I know that, and that’s why I need your help

Me: For what?

Marcus: To start a new life

Me: What are you talking about?

Marcus: Now the world thinks I’m dead and I want it to remain that way. The authorities won’t be looking for me, I won’t even be recognized when seen and nobody will care if I look familiar as a criminal or not… this is Nigeria, who will care to notice me? Please I really need your help man

Me: What help do you want?

Marcus: Financial help man… I really need money to survive what I’m going through right now

Me: You’re quite funny; I mean I don’t get you… you want money from me? The same me you wanted dead

Marcus: That was out of desperation man, I’m done with all that sh!t… you got to forgive me for all that and help me out please mahn… I don’t have anybody to face

Me: Your father is a billionaire, why not go to him?

Marcus: I can’t… he’s gonna turn me in to the police himself

Me: And why do you think I’ll spare you?

Marcus: You wouldn’t have been talking to me like this if you were gonna turn me in

Me: You can’t be too sure about that, I know you’re obsessed for Mirabel and you can’t just let go of her so easily

Marcus: What are you saying man? Haven’t I tried enough?? I became the most man in Nigeria just to win her back and I got nothing but rather lost everything and you’re saying I can’t let go of her so easily? Come on man, my life is ruined… I’m totally messed up!

Me: Alright Alright that’s enough… I’ve heard you; I will help you with some money

Marcus: I’ll forever be grateful for that… thanks man

Me: But you better be sure of what you’ve said, for you won’t have a third chance on this earth

Marcus: Absolutely!

Me: How will you get it?

Marcus: Yea… let’s meet up somewhere

Me: You must be a jester **I hung up instantly**

I should meet him somewhere, as I’m a fool abi? **Hissed**

The next thing I know, he sent me a “Please Call Me” message over and over again, I just ignored them.

I’m totally confused about this guy, why can’t he call? Is he that broke or what? No… I can’t fall for this; he must be trying to outsmart me.

I dunno if I should tell Mirabel or anyone about this or not.

I decided to go Mirabel’s lodge to talk to her about this; I got there and saw that same guy from the President’s party that was talking with Promise. We shook hands and I joined in their gist with Mirabel, Cynthia and Promise. He then left and Promise walked him out.

Me: (To Mirabel and Cynthia) I think he already likes Promise

Cynthia: Promise doesn’t seem to be interested

Me: Why?

Cynthia: I dunno… her own holy holy nawa

Me: It’s not about that… it’s about getting involve with the right someone

Cynthia: How would she know when she doesn’t seem to care about having a man?

Mirabel: I think we should work it out for them… its high time Promise get herself a man

Me: Yeah… but she has her choice to make

Mirabel: Aren’t you worried about her not getting involved with any guy?

Me: Of course I do… but I can’t do anything about it

Mirabel: We’ll be graduating in two weeks’ time; she has to think about her future

Promise: (Coming from outside) Can you guys stop talking about me?

Mirabel: Promise why not give him a chance?

Promise: I don’t know him and I don’t like him

Cynthia: Hhmmm… the likely ones are not yet born (Teasingly)

Mirabel: You can get to know him better only if you can give him the chance

Promise: **Speechless watching TV**

I excused myself with Mirabel and took her somewhere private; I told her everything about what Marcus had told me.

Mirabel: What could be his plan now?

Me: I dunno, he is so confusing

Mirabel: Please don’t go and meet him all by yourself

Me: Of course… I can’t just trust him like that

Mirabel: His survival could mean two things… it’s either he is right that he survived to have a second chance or it proved him to be more dangerous

Me: He can’t do anything to us… he will surely lose again if he tries anything stupid

Mirabel: I don’t want to any chances, I lost my best friend the last time he tried to come between us and I can’t bear losing another… not even for a minute!

Me: Relax dear… we are well secured this time unlike before

Mirabel: I said I’m not taking chances

Me: So what do we do about him?

Mirabel: Nothing! If he has changed as he claimed, then let him go his way and stop bothering us about anything. If he wants forgiveness, then he got it; nothing will be added to that!

Me: Okay ok… calm down will you?

Mirabel: Have you forgotten how much pain he cost us? Even if we should forgive him, would that erase the memory of everything? **Tears in her eyes**

I just embraced her.

**My phone rings** I excused myself from Mirabel and answered the call.

Me: Hello?

Male voice: Hi, it’s Fred

Me: Fred?

Voice: Yea Frederick, the guy that just left the lodge

Me: Ok the new friend of Promise

Fred: Something like that, please we meet? Like now?

Me: Now? Why?

Fred: Just need to speak with you, can you come?

Me: Where?

Fred: I’m outside the gate, meet me then we’ll go somewhere to talk

Me: Ok I’m coming…

Fred: Thanks **hangs up**

Mirabel: Who’s that?

Me: That minister’s son, he wants to see with me

Mirabel: Where and why?
I met him outside leaning on his cool 4matic car.

Me: So… what is it you want to talk to me about?

Fred: I want to ask you for a favour, get in let’s go talk about it

We both sat on the back seat while two other guys were in the front of which one of them took the wheel.

Me: So how’d you get my number?

Fred: Cynthia… I asked her for it

Me: Okay…

We talked about other things till we got to the place. We alighted from the car and walked straight in.

Me: (While walking in) this is a night club

Fred: I know

Me: What are we doing here? It’s not open for customers at this time

Fred: It’s never closed for me (smiling)

Me: I see…

He took me to the VIP side and we sat down.

Fred: Care for champagne?

Me: A glass of wine will do

Fred: Have a taste?

Me: Yea… Pure Heavens

Fred: (To one of the guys he came with) go get us Pure Heavens

Me: You take it too?

Fred: Nope, too cheap for my taste. I just want to drink what you drink, to be polite

Me: Ok, can we talk now?

Fred: Yea let’s talk. The thing is… It got to my attention that you’re like a brother to Promise in school and you’re both close, am I right?

Me: She’s a good friend of mine

Fred: I know… reason why I asked that question. I like her and I want to date her but she’s not giving me any hopeful response. She always tells me ‘no’ on the spot whenever I try to talk to her without a second thought. Why is she like that? And I’m sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend in school; I dunno about where she came from, or is she engaged back home?

**The guy came with the wine and served us**

Me: Well… she never mentioned being engaged to me, so I don’t think that’s the case. You know… she has always being like that; we’ve tried to talk to her about her single state but she doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

Fred: Have you tried to hook her up with a guy before?

Me: Nope **sips**

Fred: Good… please do that for me

Me: **Speechless**

Fred: I really do like her right from the very first night I met her; I’m loving her like crazy. You’ve got to help me out man

Me: She’s a very good friend of mine as you know; she has been Ok with her singleness. I wouldn’t want her to get involved with the wrong guy that’d make her sad or hurt her; she’s a good girl that deserves a better man. So if I’m going to help you win her, you will have to promise me you’ll never hurt her.

Me:Fred: You have nothing to worry about; I shall give her everything she wants on this earth and I mean it

Me: That’s good to know… but before I’ll say I’m going to help you, I will need to know who I’m helping in getting my friend

Fred: No problem, you can ask me whatever you want to know about me

Me: Okay…

I threw some questions at him and his responses were good. According to him… he studied business in the U.K; he loves being a businessman and has no interest in being a politician like his Father. He talked about his likes and dislikes and said funny things. I think Promise will love this guy if she gives him a chance.

**My phone rings and I picked up**

Me: Sweetheart

Mirabel: Where are you?

Me: I’m still with Fred, what’s up?

Mirabel: Are you coming back to the lodge?

Me: I don’t think so, it’s already getting late, I will go to the apartment from here

Mirabel: What about your car?

Me: Oh…

Fred: Don’t worry; I’ll give you a ride

Me: He’ll give me a ride

Mirabel: Why can’t you just come?

Me: Baby….

Mirabel: Fine! Better look after yourself, Marcus is still out there

Me: I will be fine dear

Mirabel: You better be

Me: Please come over tomorrow with my car

Mirabel: Ok

Me: Goodnight, love you…

Mirabel: **Hangs up**

Me: **She just hangs up? What’s up with her? **

Fred and I continued talking until I told him I’ll try to talk to Promise. He thanked me before we rounded up and drove me to my apartment based on my directives.

I talked to Mirabel later that night on phone about Fred and his intentions towards Promise; we agreed to get them together within the two weeks we got left in School.

We started talking to Promise and the intentions of Fred towards her. We gave tips to Fred on what to do and when to show up. We continued to pressure her non-stop until she finally accepted to give him a chance nine days later. We celebrated it thinking we did her a favour, not knowing we got her into a mess she never bargained for. Then I realized that, we should’ve respected her decision. Outside the gate and I dunno why

Mirabel: Alright… be save

I kissed her on the cheek and left.

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