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 - Season 1 - Episode 16
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She came back with Joe behind her, Kieran’s pills in hand. Joe gave Kieran the meds, and Kieran dismissed Joe with a wave of his hand. Lia stood in the corner again.

“…A note?”
Kieran asked.

“The words were cut from a magazine. No handwriting. No leads.”

“You know that warehouse is mine, Pete. Why did you investigate?”

“Captain saw the note. We can’t just blatantly ignore the law Kieran.”

Kieran laughed in response. “I’ve seen you do it before.”

Pete rolled his eyes. ”We can’t investigate a source of information that thoroughly. Whoever wrote it, wants to remain anonymous. We have to spend more time investigating the source of the drugs. If we don’t, it looks suspicious.”

“It issuspicious.”
Kieran smiled with half of his mouth. “Makes it look like you’re consorting with drug lords and bad men that engage in illegal activity.”

“Thanks for the warning there, chief,”
Pete sighed. “I’m already up to my neck in this s--t.”

“Look at the bright side. You’re going to catch a serial rapist if you play your cards right. You’ll be a hero.”

“No I won’t. This just evens out all the bad activity I do.”

“Yeah. But theydon’t know about all that.”

Pete said, standing up. “It’s been a joy as always. But I have to get back to fighting crime.”

“And engaging in it.”

“Shut up you b-----d,”
Pete said with a laugh. Kieran winked at him.

“Remember my instructions.”

“I will.”
Pete stopped at the door and turned back. “Oh, and, sorry about your warehouse.”

Kieran shrugged in response, and then replied, “you win some, you lose some.”

Lia pretended that she heard none of it. Kieran ate his toast and swallowed his medication. He watched the muted television mounted on the wall in front of his bed. Eventually, he leaned his head back again, and looked over at Lia.

“If I even see brandy again, I’m going to throw up. I have the worst f-----g headache,”
Kieran said, pressing his hand to his forehead.

“Can I get you something to make it better?” Lia asked softly.

“Yeah. Advil, Ibuprofen… something. I have some in the mirror cabinet in my bathroom.”

Lia went into his bathroom. The last time she was in that particular room was last night, when she was helping Kieran sober up. But she hadn’t had time to notice the grandeur.

It was completely made of marble with skylights overhead. The tub was huge, and everything had been remodeled so that it was handicap friendly. Everything was lower to accommodate Kieran. The sink was as high as Lia’s waist. There were mirrored cabinets over the sink. She began to open them.

A gun was attached to the inside of one.

She shut it immediately, trying to calm her racing heart. Lia had never seen a gun so close. She finally found the painkillers, and brought the bottle out to Kieran. He took two pills as soon as she handed the bottle to him. Lia grabbed his empty plate and butter knife to take to the kitchen. Kieran grabbed her arm, and nodded towards the nightstand beside his bed.

“Leave them for now,” he commanded. She did. “Sit down.”

She sat in the seat Pete had been formerly sitting in. Kieran watched the T.V. for a bit longer, than looked to Lia again.

“Press play on the stereo,”
he said. Lia got up and obeyed. A woman’s voice filled the room. It was soothing. “This was my mother when she was in college.” Kieran and Lia made eye contact for a moment. Then Kieran leaned back into the headboard, and his eyes closed. A few minutes later, his head fell to one side. He was napping.

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