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 - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Riley arrived first- only a few minutes after Will arrived in the foyer. Will and Riley shook hands amicably. They got along well. Then they all waited.

Carol arrived five minutes early, and greeted all of the men with a hardy handshake and a nice smile. Carol didn’t even seem to notice Kieran was handicapped. This would earn her bonus points with the boss.

Once in the room, Carol seemed to understand what she needed to do. She answered all their questions carefully, and politely.

“Are you a good fighter?”
Kieran asked.

“I have kickboxing lessons three times a week, sir,”
Carol answered politely.
Will was pleased since the interview seemed to be going well. Kieran mostly listened while Will asked questions to which he already knew the answer. Questions such as; “Are you currently employed?” and “What activities do you partake in for hobby?”
When Will and Riley ran out of questions, they turned to Kieran. He was silent for a few moments.

“I only have one more question,”
Kieran began. “Are you willing to use force on others for reasons other than self-defense?”

The room became very silent. Will almost broke out in a sweat. He had no idea what the answer to this question would be. Carol was silent for a few moments, thinking the question through. She finally looked up and made eye contact with Kieran. She spoke one word.


Kieran looked over at Will and nodded. The interview was complete.

“Thank you Carol,”
Will said to her, standing to escort her to the door. “I will be contacting you within the next three days.” Will opened the door for her. “Henry will show you out.”

And then the real debate began. As soon as Will sat down, Kieran looked over at him.

“Explain your plan, Will,”
Kieran said softly. Will was a little shocked, but he had expected to be tested as well.

“I want to hire Carol as a soldier, in order to obtain information or even just use her for force against other females. Though, d--n, she could also fight males as well,”
Will explained.

“We have females in the ranks,” Riley said.

“Yes, but none that use their physical force. We have no female thugs,” Will responded.

“A female thug is a revolutionary idea to the organization,” Murphy said.

“Which is exactly why we should embrace it,”
Will offered.

“Opposing organizations won’t like it, Will,”
Riley chimed in again. “They will view it as playing dirty. No thug wants to hurt a female opponent. They might go easy on her, or hesitate.”

“I’ve seen this chick fight. If they try to use those excuses to explain why she kicked their asses, it will be because they got beaten by a girl, not because they held back on her.”

“They willtell us it is playing dirty, and they will resist.”

“Then we challenge them to hurt her,if they can.”
Will said. This was followed by a short period of silence.

“What is her sexual orientation?” Kieran asked. They all looked at him.

“I don’t know,” Will answered.

“Why does it matter?”
Murphy asked. The other three looked at each other, understanding the implications of Kieran’s question.

“It matters because a l£sb!an is assumed to be more butch than straight chicks,”
Will explained.

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