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 - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Will said, accepting his momentary hatred for life.

“There was an ambush.”

“What the hell? What’s your status?”
Will had to keep himself from just yelling “I hate you,” into the phone.

“Fairly stable. We’re at my place. Multiple injuries.”

“We’ll be there soon.”
Will hung up.

He watched Kieran for a few more seconds before pushing himself off the bench. His feet felt heavy as he walked over to Kieran.

They arrived near the docks an hour later, after dropping off Lia and Lilly at the house. Will went first, to make sure everything was okay. Kieran and Murphy waited in the car. When Will walked up to the door, the guards stepped aside wordlessly to let him enter. One of them opened the door. Will noticed the blood immediately, and heard the yells of pain from the men. He was greeted by Riley first, with Brennan in close pursuit.

“What the hell happened?” Will asked.

“Rileyhired a rat, sir,”
Brennan responded, squinting at Riley.

“What were the events that took place Brennan? Don’t waste my time,” Will said, thoroughly annoyed.

“We were on our way to meet a big buyer in town, when we were blocked off on 34th. Fire fight ensued, but we were beaten. They took the goods and met the buyer. I have no idea how they knew about anything,” Riley explained. Will thought about it. 34thstreet was a small block on the outskirts of town, so it made sense to block them off there. This heist was well planned. Someone was leaking information. Will rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Hold on,”
he told them. Will poked his head back outside and gave the signal.

“Kieran’s here?” Riley asked, recognizing the signal. Will nodded in response, lost in thought. This was going to take a while. He took off his coat.

“Let me get that,”
one of the men said to Will, taking his coat for him.

Will looked up at Riley and Brennan again. He noticed Brennan was looking him over, staring at Will’s injuries from the crash. But Brennan said nothing about it.

The noise level in the room dropped.

Will didn’t notice it at first, but then the sudden change grabbed his attention.

More than half the men in the room were staring at something behind Will. He turned around. Kieran had entered with Murphy.

It was understandable to Will why many of the men were staring. Most of them had never seen Kieran before. Most of them probably didn’t know Kieran was handicapped.

But most of all, Kieran’s presence seemed to demand attention anywhere he went… so Will wasn’t surprised.

Riley and Brennan shook hands with Kieran, and then Will quickly told Kieran what had happened.

“Let’s go to my office,”
Brennan suggested, noticing his men were distracted by the boss. They nodded and followed Brennan into his room. Brennan closed the door while the other men sat down. Brennan sat behind his desk, sifting through some papers.

“I was telling Brennan how maybe we should consider the possibility that this was devised by the same person who sold out warehouse 7,”
Riley told them.

“Seems a little far-fetched,”
Brennan interjected.

“I agree with Riley,” Kieran spoke. Silence followed.

“Then we have to get to Martha Flannery immediately,” Will said.

“The people who carried this out, and the person who gave them the information are probably two different affiliations as well,”

Riley said. “A double agent wouldn’t expose his identity to us and participate in this. You would’ve recognized him,” Riley said to Brennan.

“Maybe… There was a lot going on.”

“Can you tell us anything? Any details about the guys who did this?”
Will asked.

“Let’s see…”
Brennan said, frowning in concentration. “Some of them were masked. But there was one guy who had a tattoo on his face!” Brennan said loudly, the memory hitting him.

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