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 - Season 1 - Episode 29
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“What did it look like?”

“It was kind of swirly-looking. Looked like some weird symbol on his left cheek.”

Will’s stomach turned. He dropped his head onto Brennan’s desk in front of him. Murphy, Brennan and Riley looked at each other, confused. Kieran leaned over to one side of his chair and rested his head on his hand. Will was afraid of something like this.

“What is it?”
Murphy asked softly.

“It’s Ad Hoc,”
Will said. “One of the top men in Ad Hoc is named Trevor Dodson. He has the tattoo you describe.”

“Someone tipped off another gang?”
Brennan asked.

“Yes. Someone wants us to engage,”
Will said wearily.

“They must’ve known we would have to engage! They’re asking for it,” Brennan said. Will and Riley shot each other a look. Brennan was an idiot.

“It’s not them we’re worried about,”
Will explained. “Think about it.Whywould someone want to start a gang war?”
“But what happens if we don’t retaliate?”
Murphy asked. They were all silent.

“We can’t be broken that easily!”
Will said, feeling the mood in the room shift towards violence. “We’ll just be giving them what they want.”

“But they should know better than to engage us.

They must think we’re weak,”
Riley said, thinking out loud.

“We’re not children! We can’t give them the reaction they want.”

“But we can’t ignore this, or we’ll be walked on.”

“You’re all correct,”
Kieran said. “We have to send them a sign. We have to send them a warning.”
* * *

Monica was on the phone. Dan was nearby. They were both standing on the roof of Dan’s apartment building, and Monica was standing up against a wall to avoid the wind, while talking to Trevor Dodson. She was surveying her nails as she was speaking to him. Dan was standing near the edge of the building, overlooking the lights of the city. His hands were in his pockets, and he was trying not to listen to the ongoing conversation behind him. Dan didn’t want to give any more information about his brother’s whereabouts, since he didn’t want his brother to be physically hurt. Dan also didn’t know exactly where Will was, but he did know where Brennan’s hideout was, which was where Monica guessed he was, along with Kieran and some of the other high-standing men.

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