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 - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Finally, she saw headlights in the driveway.
Lia rushed to the foyer. She was half angry, and half relieved with her boss.Half angry?She scolded herself. Who was she to have to right to be mad at him? He was her employer.

Still, though, she couldn’t shake off the emotion that quickly. Murphy, Kieran and Will came in the front door. They all looked exhausted. Murphy was pushing Kieran, who had a square gauze bandage on his face.

Kieran greeted her with a nod.

Lia responded. “I’ll take it from here, you boys look like you need rest,” she said to Murphy and Will.

They nodded gratefully and stalked off to their rooms in the mansion.

Lia pushed Kieran’s chair down to his room.

Kieran asked.

“Yes, sir?”
she responded.

“Please call me Kieran.”

“But, sir…”


“Okay sir, I mean- er, Kieran,”
Lia said. It felt uncomfortable to her, and slightly unprofessional. But she did as she was asked.

“I’m sorry I had to leave today,”
Kieran continued. Lia was silent. “It was pretty… imperative.” Lia didn’t ask anything.

She pushed him into his room, and put his pajamas on his lap. “I’m sorry, Lia, but can you help me change tonight? I don’t have any energy left. I didn’t eat any dinner.”

“Sure. Would you like me to get you some food?”

“I’m too tired now. I just want to sleep.”

“I understand.”

Lia didn’t understand, though, why she had to turn away to keep him from seeing her deep blush. Why was this, a problem? He was unfairly handsome. But it was just work.Just work, she kept repeating to herself. She helped him change, and tried very hard not to stare.
Then she pushed him to the bathroom to pee, and eventually helped him into his bed.

He leaned back on the headboard, sitting up. Lia knew he was perfectly capable of sitting up and down in bed himself.

“Here is your medication,”
she handed it to him, and pointed to the water next to him.

“You’re excellent,”
he responded. She blushed again.Whywas she so bashful around him right now?

“Goodnight, sir,”
she said, turning to leave.

“Wait, Lia. I’ve had a rough day. Can you tell me what you did with Lilly?” Lia smiled at his request. She recounted the day to him, minus the end part when Lilly had whined for him. She knew it would make him feel worse. He listened with a smile. Lia sat on the bed next to him, her curiosity finally grabbing a hold on any sense she had left.

“What happened?”
she asked timidly, looking at his face. Kieran looked her up and down for a moment, before reaching up, and pulling the gauze off. There was a line of stitches on his face, and small bandage over a section of his ear. Lia suddenly felt sad and overwhelmingly concerned at the same time.

she said, raising her hand to her mouth. Without any control, her eyes began to water. Kieran watched her for a minute, before his expression softened.

“Gunshot. It just grazed me,” he said gently. “I’m okay. I promise.” Kieran smiled for her.

Lia laughed and wiped the tears away, feeling dumb. She made eye contact with those beautiful, sparkling eyes. Kieran reached up and tucked one side of her hair behind her ear. At first Lia was afraid, but his touch was gentle. She was convinced since her heart was racing so fast that it was going to jump out of her body and run the border to Mexico. His touch gave her skin goose-bumps in response. It was like a soft electric shock. He dropped his hand, and they were silent. Finally she stood.

“You need some rest,”
Lia said. Kieran nodded in agreement.

“Thank you Lia. Goodnight.”


Lia left his room, her knees shaking.

* * *

Carol was getting tired of waiting. So it was a relief when Will called.

“We need you down here as soon as possible,” he said, skipping old formalities like “hello.”

“Okay. I can come down now if you want,”
Carol responded, thinking it would be a bad idea to be a smartass.

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