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 - Season 1 - Episode 35
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When she pulled out gloves with reinforced knuckles, Will smiled. Silently, they entered the house, following Will’s lead. Once in the house, they went immediately down the stairs to an underground lair. There were multiple steel doors, locked by an electrical system that required codes. Will punched the codes into the key pads next to the door. There was also a fingerprint scanner. Access was granted.

They walked down a hallway full of doors with no windows. The whole underground system seemed to be steel or concrete. Will stopped at one door and opened it with the code.

Immediately after Will stepped inside, he was hit over the head by a chair. Carol couldn’t see the attacker, but she grabbed the chair from the person’s hands and ripped it away. Then she tackled the person, and realized it was a woman. However, it changed nothing for Carol. She flipped the attacker over onto her stomach, and pulled both arms behind her back.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,”
Will said to Carol. Murphy was helping Will to his feet. Carol pushed off the woman to stand up.

The woman’s breath was pushed from her body and she groaned. “Mrs. Flannery,” Will said. “We’re not going to hurt you. We just need your cooperation.”

Will picked up the chair and set it down.

There was one table with two chairs on either side in the room, and one light, no windows. Will then offered his hand to Mrs. Flannery, who took it. Carol watched cautiously.

The woman was slightly plump and slightly graying in her hair. She looked nice enough, but Carol still didn’t trust her.

Mrs. Flannery and Will sat on either side of the table. Murphy came in the room and closed the door. Both Murphy and Carol stood behind Will, watching carefully.

“I’ve been told that you might have some information about Warehouse 7,”
Will said to her.

“I don’ know who tol’ you that,” Mrs. Flannery said with an Irish accent. “But I can assure you, I donno nothin’.”

“Well, I can’t be sure you’re telling the truth Mrs. Flannery.”

“I have nothin’ for ya.”

“I think you do,”
Will said. Martha was silent. Finally Will turned to Carol. “Pull out her fingernails.” He handed Carol a pair of pliers. Carol was surprised at the command, and looked back up at Will. But he patiently continued to hold out the tool. Carol took it and went over to Martha.

“What? What? No! Please, no!”
Mrs. Flannery said, standing up and flipping the chair over. She backed into a wall. Murphy came at her from the other side. Her eyes went wide with fear and her face turned completely white. Murphy grabbed her roughly, though she fought him, kicking and screaming and scratching. Carol grabbed her too, and they easily overpowered her. She went wild with one last effort, screeching like a person does when desperation takes over. Carol was sure her ear drum was going to pop any moment.

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