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 - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Fynn said, nodding in compliance.

“Well, apparently this Mackey knows something about who is responsible for the warehouse sellout. Maybe we can trace the information leak back to one culprit,” Will said.

“Wait, you think one person leaked information to the police, then to a rival gang?” Diesel asked.

“Yes, sir,” Will responded. “It seems that maybe someone is trying to weaken us.”

The room was silent. They were all considering what Will just said.

“But,” Diesel spoke again. “We can’t ignore the attacks just because someone is leaking information. Who knows, Dodson might attackusnext, if your rat has any info on our organization.”

“Think about it,”
Will said, pointing to a map of the city. “If we jump head first into a war, Dodson could gain more power and more allies.”

Diesel responded. Will thought this was turning into a two person conversation. Maybe he should dismiss the rest of them. Compared to Diesel and Gilroy, they all were useless. “If a war starts, you have us as an alliance. So the South and the East together, against the West. Dodson has Central as an ally. That leaves North and Downtown. I have connections with the North, and Central has connections with Downtown. But you also have connections with Downtown.” Diesel stopped talking, his eyes lost in concentration.

“Do you think Marco would engage?”
Marco Javal was the leader of the Downtown El Toro syndicate. Kieran and Marco were friendly, but no alliance had ever been formed.

“I honestly don’t know. Marco tries his hardest to stay neutral, but he has been forced to engage before.”
Gilroy was scratching his head.

“What I’m wondering,” Madden cut in. “Is why Dodson wants this war. I know relations have been tense in the past, but why now? What prompted this?”

“And he didn’t follow usual code. He hit hard and fast,”
Riley said.

Kieran finally spoke. They all listened eagerly.

Even Will was curious what his friend had to say. “Perhaps we can answer these questions,andsend them a warning all in one gesture.”

Diesel asked. His direct response to Kieran made Will uncomfortable.

“We hit close to home with Dodson. We capture one of his own for interrogation, and return him, without any harm done.”

“What if Dodson uses that as grounds to start a war?”

“We state very loudly somehow, that the capture was only meant to be a warning. No harm.”

They were all silent.

“Gilroy, what do you think about this?”
Will asked. He was curious as to why Gilroy had barely spoken his thoughts on the matter.
When Gilroy spoke, his voice was gruff and low, but he spoke slowly, both with respect and wisdom.

“This must be carefully planned and executed.”
Gilroy looked at Kieran. “But watch out, nephew. This is now a thin rope we’re walking on.” Kieran’s head was tilted down towards the floor, but when his uncle spoke to him, the young man made eye contact with Gilroy without moving his head up. This posture gave Will the chills, and reminded him of how dangerous his friend was. Will often forgot that Kieran had a dark side, but was reminded of Kieran’s capabilities every few weeks. It was mostly the little things that brought Will back to the reality of his friends’ true power and hidden dynamics.

“We’re now walking on a thin rope regardless, uncle,”
Kieran said, unmoving. The air in the room turned lethal, and the only movement came from the uncomfortable shifting of the guests.

Will didn’t move though, nor did his eyes leave his friend. Finally, Kieran moved his head up, and tilted it side to side, cracking his neck as a result. Gilroy was unafraid by his nephew’s display. He was probably the only person in the room unaffected by it.

“I agree with you, Kieran. But we should also prepare for the worst case scenario,” Gilroy said.

Kieran shot back happily, and his dark demeanor evaporated in less time than it takes to move a finger.

Oxygen rushed into Will’s lungs again.

“And remember Kieran,”
Gilroy continued. “We have a farther political reach than does Dodson and the west.

This could be useful.”

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