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 - Season 1 - Episode 45
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* * *

“This is going to have to be an in-and-out job,”
Kieran said. Carol was still yawning and rubbing her eyes. It wasn’t that early, but they had all gone to bed late.

Carol had stood outside the door to their meeting, and listened to the arguments of her superiors for hours. The other guards outside had joked around at first with each other, making fun of the quarreling men in the room. But pretty soon, their fighting got very tiresome to hear. So Carol zoned out. She went to bed when they finished their meeting early that morning, but had been instructed to return in only a few short hours. So here she was.

“We have required the help of one of my distant relatives,” Kieran said, glancing at his watch. I called her last night, and she should be here any minute.

As if on cue, the door opened. And Carol’s mouth dropped open. The most beautiful woman she had ever seen stepped into the room. The overwhelming silence in the room told Carol that every other guard had dropped mouths as well. The woman looked like Kieran, but with a killer curvy body. Her hair was black, and her eyes were bright blue. Carol’s gaze fell on the woman’s dangerously red, full lips, and a mole in the same place as Marilyn Monroe. Her pale skin contrasted with her black, tight outfit. Her eyes swept over the room and fell on Carol for a moment. Carol’s realized she had stopped breathing, so she forced air into her lungs once again.

She realized that everyone else in the room was speechless as well. This woman was a bombshell beauty.

“Shea, how are you?” Kieran addressed the woman.

“Nice to see you again, Kieran,” Shea responded. Kieran nodded in agreement.

“Everyone, this is Shea.” Kieran presented her with a sweeping of his hand.

She slowly bowed her head to everyone in the room in acknowledgement. Carol was still staring with her mouth half open.This woman is intoxicating,she thought. Kieran continued speaking.

“Her specialty lies in the silent and fast acquisition of, humans.”

“The non-lethal kind,”
Shea added, sharing a look with Kieran that only they understood. The rest of the people in the room were too busy goggling at Shea to notice the exchange. Everyone else but Carol.

Carol managed to wrestle her attraction for Shea back into submission, allowing her senses to take control once again.

Will came bustling into the room, with Murphy close at his heels. They were both scrambling through documents and folders, fumbling with paper.

“Apologies, Kieran,”
Will said, still preoccupied with leafing through papers.

“Go ahead Will,”
Kieran responded, backing his chair away from the front of the room. Will took Kieran’s spot, still searching through papers, but talking to the group as well. Carol was impressed with Will’s multitasking skills, though she realized he probably needed to master multitasking in order to be good at his job- which he was.

“Sorry guys. Okay, I have assembled a team of five highly skilled and trusted fighters to escort Shea in order to assure the smooth operation of this mission. The rest of you have other assignments that are also very crucial to the success of this organization. I will assign those after Shea and her team leaves. Shea’s team will be Doug, Aiden, James, Carol and Oran. You five are to follow Shea’s instruction until on this property again,”
Will said, looking up at them for the first time. “Understood?”

“Yes sir,”
they chanted. Carol barely said yes sir, since she was still overcoming the shock of her name being called. She was so honored to be a part of the mission, she vowed to herself that she would put all of her effort into making this assignment a victory for the O’Meara mob family. Carol would not disappoint Will. Her resolve was so strong she surprised herself for a few seconds on her own eagerness to please her superiors.

Will continued. “Once the target has been apprehended, report to the west-side docks immediately. I will be waiting. You will receive further instruction presently. Beginning when the subject is detained, we have approximately half an hour to get him back in order to guarantee the overall success of this mission. This is not a job to get even men, this mission is about sending a warning. Give them no reason to start a war. Understood?”

“Yes sir,”
Carol shouted with the rest of her team. Will nodded at them, his face expressionless.

“Okay, obtain your next orders from Shea McSweeny,”
Will said, and turned to Murphy to ask for another document.

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