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 - Season 1 - Episode 52
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The timing had to be perfect. Monica fluffed her hair again, and tried to exaggerate her tiny baby bump. She sat down on the sofa and began folding baby clothes. She did it slowly, so the timing was perfect.

And it was. Dan came charging through the front door of her apartment, his face enraged. When his eyes focused on her, and what she was doing, he paused for the briefest of moments. Bingo. Monica smiled. He came storming over to her.

“You b---h!”
he yelled, taking her arm and pulling her to her feet. Monica glared at him and yanked her arm away from his grip, knowing that if she hadn’t been folding baby clothes, this would have been much worse.

“What the hell?”
she asked, still glaring.

“You’re an evil b---h, you know that? Don’t think I’m so stupid. I know exactly what you’re doing,” Dan yelled.

“What are you talking about?”
Monica yelled back.

“You’re trying to distract me from your evildoings by using our child,” he explained with disdain, gesturing to the tiny clothes.

“What?” she squinted at him.

“You did it. Youdid it! You had Will beaten into a bloody f-----g mess!”
Dan yelled, ripping a lamp from the wall and throwing it across the room. It smashed into pieces on the wall. Monica glared at her lover.

“ Ihad nothing to do with that!”
Monica cried, hiding the lie well.

“You’re right,” Dan said softly. Monica felt like she had been stunned by a taser gun. Dan covered his face with his hands and sunk to the couch.

“It was my fault.Itold you about Will’s plans. I should’ve never trusted a conniving little w---e like you,” Dan said, taking his hands away to look at Monica.

Out of pure reflex, Monica slapped Dan across the face so hard the sound reverberated around the apartment. She knew she wasn’t helping her case right now. Dan stood up and walked towards Monica menacingly. Monica retreated, but he kept coming towards her until she was backed into a wall. Dan looked into her eyes, clenched his fist, and punched right through the wall a few inches away from Monica’s head. She flinched and closed her eyes.

Monica cried, opening her eyes again. Dan pulled his hand out of the wall, and grabbed his wrist, flinching with pain. Monica saw the support beam Dan’s hand had hit, located a few inches behind the dry wall.

“Damnit!” Dan yelled, shaking out his hand. His hand and wrist were beginning to swell.

“Dan,” Monica’s voice became softer, as she reached out to help him. He pulled away from her like she had electrocuted him.

“Don’t…” Dan’s voice was soft now, like he was tired. Then Monica realized Dan was shaking, as he leaned against the wall for support. Monica’s eyes widened for moment as she rushed over to her lover.

“Dan, sit down.”
Monica grabbed his arm. Dan was pale, and accepted her assistance. Monica could feel him still shaking. She helped him walk over to the couch, and eased him into a seat. He covered his face with his good hand, and put his hurt one on the arm rest. Monica went into the tiny kitchen and brought him back some ice and a beer. He drank the beer slowly, while Monica wrapped a towel around the ice and put it on Dan’s swollen hand.

“You did it, didn’t you?”
Dan finally said softly.

“No!” Monica said, “I didn’t orchestrate that Dan, I only provided information,” she finally admitted. She knew about the room Will had rented, Dan let it slip a few days prior when he was intoxicated with cheap whiskey. Dan looked over at her. “I didn’t plan it though.”
“You knew what would happen.”
“I didn’t think he would be hurt badly, I have nothing against your brother.

It’s Kieran I’m after,”
Monica explained.

“You’re after him through Will,” Dan said.

“It’ll take more than Will to get to that son-of-a-b---h,” Monica replied truthfully. Dan looked over at her. He was silent. “I’ll have to use other means to get Kieran to declare an unjustified war. That man is very stubborn.” Dan looked at Monica calmly.

“If my brother gets hurt again in your schemes Monica, I’ll kill you myself,”
he said. Monica looked at Dan and knew he would do it.

And it turned her on. Next thing she knew, they were making out on the couch, Monica straddling Dan’s lap.

Dan pushed Monica back.

“I mean that, you know,”
Dan said, referring to his threat. Monica smiled slowly at him.

“I know,”
she replied, ecstatic and turned on at the fact Dan finally grew a spine.

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