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 - Season 1 - Episode 56
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Riley felt bad for Kieran , as Kieran looked over his sad excuse for friends and employees . They must ’ ve looked like
a haggard bunch.

“Hello everyone , ”
Kieran began. “As you know , I was shot , ”

“It was an assassination attempt!”
Brennan cried .

Riley smacked his hands to his face , and rubbed vigorously.

“No , it was the Chinese!”
Murphy said , suddenly animated .

The room became like a living organism , and now everyone was yelling and pointing and shouting out their own thoughts
or the popular rumors .

And then the door swung open . Dan Reedus was in the doorway.

He had been with his brother all night .

“I would like to be Will ’ s temporary, ” he said quietly .

Riley watched Dan carefully . Dan had never been as outspoken or outgoing as his charming little brother . But Dan and Kieran
had known each other for as long as Will and Kieran ’ s infamous friendship .

Kieran nodded , and Dan was accepted
into the meeting . As Dan was going to sit down , Riley spoke up , directing his comments completely to Kieran .

“The shooter wasn ’ t trying to kill you , sir , ”
Riley said .

And when the others began to protest , Kieran held up a hand , which silenced them .

“Go on Riley , ”
Kieran assured him .

“I saw the hole in the window , the trajectory from the bullet lands the shooter some 200 yards away in a tree. ”

The group looked impressed . “ I spoke with the forensic scientists , ” Riley admitted . “ Anyways, the shooter was 200

yards away , in a tree, with bullets specifically designed for a single- shot pistol .

He managed to shoot Kieran in the arm.
That wasn’ t a mistake . ”

“It could have been coincidence , ”
Dan suggested.

“No , ” Kieran said , suddenly tilting his head . “Riley ’ s right.

If the shooter wanted me dead , I would be dead right now .”

Riley saw Lia flinch .

“Your orders, sir ?”
Dan asked , while the rest of them listened carefully .

Kieran was silent for a few moments.

Riley glanced at Lia , who sat against the wall , watching Kieran intently as well .

Concern was written all over her
face .

“We ’ ll increase security, but our priority remains with the tension that Ad Hoc and Trevor Dodson have created .”

Kieran said resolutely . “Let ’ s break for lunch , and return with focus on external affairs . We ’ ll adjourn for an hour.” Riley looked at Winchester as he handed his assistant the yellow legal pad used for note- taking .

“Murphy , Madden, Nolan and Riley , ”
Kieran commanded .

When they looked, he was motioning for them to approach.

Riley followed the order , dismissing Winchester by telling
the assistant to save him a seat in the dining room .

Kieran jumped into business quickly .

“Nolan, call Diesel , tell him that his presence is requested for this afternoon ’ s meeting . ”
Kieran turned to Madden.

“Our plans for the warehouse will no longer be in purgatory , take
Riley after you ’ re done eating and make a draft . ”
Riley nodded with Madden, and Kieran turned to Murphy, asking
about Will .

Riley looked at Madden, who had finished
nodding vigorously and was stalking off to the dining room .

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