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 - Season 1 - Episode 58
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“Classic . Beautiful , ”
Will said with a smile . Carol saw admiration in Will ’ s eyes . He was so faithful to Kieran .

Carol promised herself she would rival his faithfulness to Kieran with her faithfulness to him .

“Orders , sir ?” Carol asked . Will looked at Carol .

“I would like to speak with Kieran .” Will began to shift , and then he attempted to sit up a little . He cringed in pain .

Carol lunged toward him , and grabbed his arm to assist him immediately.

“Will …” Shea began to voice her concern , when a look from Carol silenced her .

“We ’ ll get him , ”
Carol said faithfully to Will , dragging Shea out of the doorway to follow her . “ We are going to get
Kieran . ”
Carol looked resolutely at Shea , who met Carol ’ s eyes , and blushed.

Carol had already turned her head away
from Shea , but she was still surprised .

Either I ’ m delusional, or it was a mistake. She would never blush at me , Carol thought . Yet there was something about
her expression that stuck in Carol ’ s mind. Seemed almost like she was flirting .

Passing by the dining room , Carol spotted Lia , who was never far from Kieran .

“Lia !”
Carol whispered loudly . Lia looked over at Carol , and got up from her seat next to Kieran at the large dining table .

There were members of the ranks (higher – importance members ) situated around the table as well .

“Hi Carol , ”
Lia said with a smile when she got within a few feet.

“Hi , ” Carol said with a smile . “ Will wants to speak with Mr .
O ’ Meara , do you think it will be possible ?”

Lia seemed to consider this for a moment. She tilted her head as she glanced at her watch.

“I believe he could for a few minutes now , before the meeting . ”
Lia looked back up at Carol . “ I ’ m actually glad I
caught you now , because Kieran has requested that you be on duty at the meeting . We need to increase security
measures, and Kieran trusts you .”

“Of … of course , ”
Carol stuttered .

Her eyes almost filled with tears at the trust these two men showed her . Lia smiled at
Carol and Shea courteously .

“I ’ ll tell Kieran , he will be there in a minute .”

“Thank you , ”
Carol said , turning away . Shea followed next to Carol as she walked back to Will ’ s room at a slower pace .

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what ?”
Shea asked .

“They trust me … they trust me .”

“You seem fairly trustworthy .”

Carol looked over and locked eyes with Shea . Carol began to avert her eyes to the floor , when Shea pushed Carol up
against the wall of the hallway .

Carol was so surprised she didn ’ t resist . The two women stood there , their bodies
touching , breathing heavily . And then Carol surprised herself by reaching her head up to Shea , and locking lips. Carol
rolled so that Shea was trapped by the wall , and now Carol asserted herself, and pushed Shea against the wall , holding
her arms down by her side , and then sliding them above her head .

Carol and Shea stood there for a few minutes, arms pressed against the wall above their heads, making out.

Carol had never made out with such a beautiful woman before, and she felt herself quickly get turned on.

And then there were voices .

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