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 - Season 1 - Episode 60
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Final Episode

“Why are sellers too scared now ?”
Diesel asked with a slight frown .

Carol wanted to laugh . She picked at the dirt under her fingernails, losing all interest .

“Because Riley can ’ t do his job , ” Brennan said quickly .

“You know that isn ’ t true!”
Madden protested .

Carol chuckled to herself as she watched Riley roll his eyes and pick at a crack in the table . Similarly , Kieran rubbed his face
in defeat .

The room exploded into arguments all at once . While the arguments continued, Carol got switched out by one of her
partners, Denny .

“Kill me now , ” Denny whined to Carol .

She flashed him a huge smile , finally getting to leave the room .

“Sorry dearest , ”
Carol responded happily . Denny flipped her off .

Carol continued smiling though as she left the room .

So here she was . At around eleven thirty , Lia came out into the hall .

She folded her arms unhappily , and looked into the room through the small window in the door .

She sighed very loudly .

“Something wrong miss ?”
Carol asked innocently .

“Yeah , it’ s eleven thirty and they ’ re still going at it , ” Lia responded . “ There are so many idiots in that room .

It ’ s hard not to get irritated with the ignorance . ”
Silence filled the
hallways for a minute or two before she added , “And Kieran is getting really tired . I can tell .”

Even though Carol had never cared for a man , she could even tell that Lia cared deeply for Kieran .

He was very important to her .

And Carol could also tell she meant a lot
to Kieran , by the way he looked at her .

Carol was better at telling these things since she was always objectively viewing
straight peoples’ interactions .

Kieran had a particular softness to his gaze when he looked at her .

“What should we do ?” Carol asked Lia , willing to take orders from her to protect their boss . Lia was silent , gazing in at
the activities in the room .

Carol waited patiently .

She couldn ’ t even pretend to know Kieran as well as Lia did .

Lia finally turned to Carol .

“Here ’ s what we do , ”
Lia said .

Carol suddenly knew why Kieran liked Lia so much . When she looked into Carol ’ s
eyes , talking about her plan , she had a mischievous look in her eye , an almost playful look.

And when she looked at Carol , it was as a friend , not just a fellow employee .

Carol became instantly fonder of Lia . “ Okay , I ’ m going to threaten Kieran .

When I go talk to Kieran , we will both look at you at one point , and you ’ ll wave at us. It has to work. ”

Though Lia didn ’ t tell Carol her plan exactly , she looked so intent and so deep in thought that Carol didn ’ t bother to ask .

Lia looked at Carol for confirmation .

Carol nodded in response .

“Okay , ”
Lia said , and entered the room with new resolve .

But before she could reach Kieran , the world shifted .

Carol felt herself flying through the air , rubble and debris flying with her .

She protected her head , and when she hit
the ground , she miraculously stayed conscious .

She always did prove to be tough .

The ringing in her head though , was terrible .

Her ears rang loudly , and she could hear nothing else.

Crawling to her feet, she saw that one wall of the room inside had been blasted through , and the people in the room were thrown against the other wall .

Everything in the room and the hallway was blackened and singed.

The door to the room had been destroyed, and now a gaping hole was left in its place .

It was another hit attempt! Carol ’ s mind
snapped into focus , and she pushed her aching body upwards to retrieve her boss .

Carol picked her was through the rubble quickly , to find Kieran .

She saw a wheelchair , empty , broken almost in half , with one wheel dented and twisted . Frantically , Carol searched the room with her eyes , now concerned by the blood stains on the carpet .

When she saw him , she was able to inhale again . She didn ’ t even know she had been holding her breath .

Carol fought her way over to Kieran , who was moving slowly, lying on his side .

Carol raced over to him , just as others were finding him too .

Carol knelt down in front of him , grabbing his good arm and helping him to a sitting position. He looked straight into Carol ’ s eyes and she saw something in them she had
never ever seen before: fear.

“ Please , ”
he begged . “ Please find Lia . Tell me she ’ s okay. ” Carol stayed still for a few moments, mouth agape,
looking like a statue. “Please ! Find her !” As Kieran stressed this , he grabbed Carol ’ s arm, and sq££zed it .

Carol nodded , and forced herself to snap out of it . As she stood , looking around for Lia , she couldn ’ t get the image of Kieran ’ s desperation out of her head .

And then she knew.
He loved her .



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