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Tales By The Brothel - Season 1 - Episode 47
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“Its gonorrhoea,”
my doctor-friend informed me as soon as I finished describing my symptoms.

I echoed with fear.

“Yes gonorrhoea,” my doctor-friend affirmed. “How many sexual partners do you have?” He asked.

I lied.

“I doubt it,”
my doctor-friend countered. “And you don’t use c0nd0m,” he added.

I kept silent listening to him.

“Go to any nearby pharmacy and ask them to give you x!pr0f0x0tab 1000mg tds,”
he prescribed.

“Doc thank you very much,” I greeted and hung up.

I wrote down the name of the drug on a sheet of paper and drove out to search for it.

I had no time to waste as the next day was a working day and I couldn’t afford to miss work without official excuse.

I found one pharmacy and went inside to ask for the drug.

Luckily for me they had it and I bought it as my doctor-friend prescribed.

I started taking it judiciously from that afternoon and by the second day of treatment the pain in my pen!s subsided though I still felt tired and lost appetite.
I went to work the next day but was too weak to do anything.

The military review assigned to me I couldn’t do it and many other things so I saw the need to apply for an official excuse on health grounds before I got punished for neglect of duty.

My application was accepted and I was granted two weeks off to see to my health.

I went to my doctor-friend’s clinic and explained the situation of things to him and he wrote a referral for me to the state teaching hospital.

The pain during urination had subsided but I developed this stubborn itch round my scrotum and perineum.

I also developed fever coupled with the loss of appetite and general body weakness which hadn’t improved.
Even when I completed the full dose of the drug my doctor-friend prescribed for me, I still felt very sick and unwell.

So I went to the state teaching hospital to seek treatment…

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