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Tales By The Brothel - Season 1 - Episode 50
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Final episode…

That test-result marked the beginning of another era of my life.

An era of pain and sorrow, hopelessness and disease.

I resigned at once from the military on the basis of my health status and that struck the biggest blow on me.

All the power and prestige I enjoyed all these while left within the twinkle of an eye and I came down to square one.

General Obianodo couldn’t do anything about it because even if I remained in the military, my productivity would be greatly reduced due to my health condition.

So it was a necessity that I resigned.

My assistant took over my position and was instantly promoted without any hassle.

This rendered another blow on me.
So I kept the news of my sickness away from my family (from my mum and sisters) because I didn’t want to unsettle them and cause undue tension.

Antiretroviral drugs became the only hope of prolonging my life and keeping the virus count on check.

There wasn’t anything to enjoy anymore.

All the millions senator’s wife gave to me plus the ones I made from the military, I couldn’t enjoy them anymore.

Madam senator died two months later from HIV related complications.

It was General Obianodo that told me about it as I didn’t hear from the senator’s wife again since that last day she called me.

I also didn’t hear from Rita again after she sent that text message so I couldn’t tell what eventually became of her.

I lived each day like the last with no work, no ambition, no hope, just existence.

Everyone in the barrack knew that I was positive.

How they got to know I couldn’t tell.

But then, that was that.

I was HIV positive and nothing could be done about it except to live and wait patiently for the minute death decides to call…


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