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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Tales of two funny ritualist - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Continues from the last episode

idris we need to talk o.

Me: ha, talk about wetin again?

Dencygirl: I dream one bad dream about you.

Me: enh, so na dream wey make you dey worried like this?

Dencygirl: wait na, you never even hear the dream you don dey talk.

Flex: (shouting) na wetin una still dey talk about?

Me: cool down, I dey come.

Dencygirl: abeg Idris no go anywhere today. I just get this bad feelings say something bad go happen to una, I take God beg una make una stay for house.

Flex: (eavesdropping) hahahaha, girls and their funny superstition.

Me: I tire o. Abeg anything fit happen to us?

Flex: for where? We strong gidiba like lion.

Me: thank you, help me tell her o.

Flex: babe, no fear nothing go happen to us.

Dencygirl: you don’t know anything about my dreams that’s why. As I dey like this so, my dreams dey come true o in case you no know.

Flex: hmmm.

Me: common babe. We no be small pikin na, at least we know our right from left and we fit stay away from troubles.

Dencygirl: you sure? I no want make anything happen to una o, especially you Idris.

Me: no fear, we are safe.

Dencygirl; OK but were una won go.

Me: erm.. ermmm

Flex: we want go strike deal with one of our client.

Dencygirl: and who that client be?

Me: haba, I swear to God I no like this kind thing at all. We say na one of our client and here you are, bombarding us with questions.

Flex: na wetin wrong you self? You be our mother?

Me: I no know oo.

The statement I and flex made By to her so deep that tears gathered in her eyes.

Dencygirl: no vex, make una dey go.
She said and turned back. It was only then I realised my mistake and foolishness. I shouldn’t have insulted her, d--n it.

Before I could hold her to apologize, she had already started running away from me. I decided to chase after her but then I was caught by surprise as she had quickly entered her room and locked her door.

I felt a pang of guilt pinched through my heart. I shouldn’t have told her so such abusive words.

In one way or the other, I must make it up to her. My sweet and beautiful dencygirl but now I have got some business to do.

we got to the desired place to execute our evil plan. As we located a deserted place, we made sure that nobody was looking us before we entered there.

Using the powder, I sprayed it on flex’s body and I disguised him to look as if he was really sick.

Then running away from the corner, I shouted.

Ebola!!!!!!! Ebola patient make una run ooo.

To my greatest surprise, the traders there didn’t run.

those people no be real Ebola patients!!!

Guy 2: na scam.

Guy 3: no allow them escape.
Before we knew it, we were the one that was running for our dear lives.

We tried to escape but couldn’t as we were surrounded by the angry mob. They threw punches, blows and stroke us with different weapons they could find.

Blood gushed out of our nose and mouths and the powder on flex’s body has cleaned off to prove he wasn’t an Ebola patient.

The next thing they did was to bring tyres and fuel.

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