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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Tales of two funny ritualist - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Continues from the last episode.

The guys brought three and fuel and before we new what was happening, they brought out their match box.

Guy: wait, make we first beat them to death before we burn them alive.

A guy shouted from amidst the crowd.

Guy2: yes oo, this will serve as a great lessons to others. Oya bring the planks.

They brought out several planks which they use to beat me and flex as if we were cows. They made sure that most of our bones and joints were all broken.

Blood was gushing out of every pore in our skin. We couldn’t see properly because blood rushing from our head blinded us temporarily.
No matter how much we beg or plead, they wouldn’t listen. It was like our begging was giving them strength to man handle us the more.

The beatings were too much that our visions got blurry and we passed out.

11 hours later..

I opened my eyes weekly as pains were surging through my system, but not as before. I looked around me and found out that I was lying in a bed inside a hospital.

My whole body was covered with plasters. My right hand hung to the ceiling while the left hand was cuffed to the bed like a criminal. Flex was by my side but still unconscious.

Voice: oh you’re awake.

A soft and nice voice spoke out. I looked by my side only to find a beautiful and sexy nurse who was holding a tray with some ampoule and syringe on it.

Me: please.. How manage I take come here?

I asked as my jaws was filled with pains and it intensified each time I talked.

Nurse: be grateful to God, you were brought here by the police. If not for their quick intervention, the angry mob would have killed you. Now take your rest lemme go and call the doctor.

What, did she say quick intervention? We we’re almost killed and the police was nowhere to be found now she is saying quick intervention. D--n it.

Not long after she left, the doctor entered inside with a smile on his face. Wetin dry make am laugh?

wow, I can see you are awake.
That is very nice. I believe your friend here will be up anytime soon.

He said referring to flex. I didn’t answer him not that I didn’t want to but couldn’t because my jaws and cheeks hurt too.

After talking for what seems like forever, he later left me alone and for once, I can stay and think about my life.

We were discharged from the hospital but from there, it was straight to police station. We stayed in police custody for a while before someone came to our rescue.

Guess who? It was dencybabe. When she didn’t see us for up to a month, she became worried and engaged herself and the coolvalers into operation search and rescue.

They searched for close to a week before she heard that we were in police custody because of the stunt we pulled.

She later got the address of the prison and went their with the coolvalers. They all contributed the little money they had and bailed us.

I was grateful, to God, dencybabe and the coolvalers.

I made sure I plead with dencybabe and she forgives me. Our love for each other was now growing by the pass of each day till something happened.

Something that will change the lives of me and flex.

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